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Big Brother remains one of the most popular reality competition shows on the air. The program places over a dozen strangers in a house together, where they have no contact with the outside world but have cameras following them 24 hours a day for almost three months. The players must demonstrate social skill and strategy to last in the competition.

In order to win the final cash prize, the last remaining player avoids the weekly eviction, voted on by the houseguests and also wins a final popularity vote by the other players. During their stay, the houseguests participate in a variety of competitions for rewards such as game advantages, food perks and trips outside the house. One of the most important weekly contests is for the title of Head of Household, the weekly winner gets to nominate the other houseguests for eviction. Houseguests also compete for the Power of Veto to change the eviction nominations. These contests often lead to in-house alliances and enemies as the weeks progress.

Along with several regular episodes a week, there is a live episode to announce the evicted houseguest. Viewers can also watch Big Brother After Dark on the Showtime channel, which includes racier moments from the house activities. Big Brother fans can also sign up for live feeds on the internet and watch every moment of the houseguests' day. The houseguests have no TV, news or family contact, so the tensions and boredom can lead to dramatic arguments and other entertaining moments. The show has also spawned popular podcasts and online chat about the houseguests, which gives the show a wide social networking aspect.

The format of the show has captivated audiences all over the globe from Brazil to Israel, Britain to Indonesia. Each international franchise makes adaptations to the basic structure of the show such as celebrity or All-Star versions, competitions including pairs of players and alterations of the basic premise.. The first Big Brother began in the Netherlands in 1999, and the U.S. version premiered in the summer of 2000 hosted by Julie Chen. The show remains a popular summer series and adds twists to each season to keep the competition fresh.

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Big Brother Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, the jury questions the two final houseguests and the winner of Big Brother 16 will be crowned.

  • The final head of household battle begins. Plus Cody, Derrick and Victoria take a look back through the summer and share some unseen footage and favorite moments.

  • The final HoH decides who they will take with them to the finale.

  • Frankie is desperate to win HoH in this special Rewind competition.

Big Brother News

CBS Broadcasts Controversial 'Big Brother' Clips [VIDEO]

Perhaps it’s CBS’s new 24/7 live feed of the houseguests, or perhaps it’s linked to the recent Paula Deen trouble, but it seems that contestants on this season of ‘Big Brother’ are letting their mouths get them in trouble. Making sure to cover their tracks after viewers of the live internet feed have noticed some less-than-politically-correct language being spewed by a handful of contestants, CBS issued the following statement: “At times, the houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone.

Big Brother - Season 14 Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 of the 14th season of Big Brother was supposed to be the weekly live eviction show, but a twist effectively "reset" the show back to the beginning. Since the previous week's eviction episode viewers had been able to vote on whether or not to allow the coaches (former beloved and sometimes hated houseguests Mike "Boogie" Malin, Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling and Britney Haneys) to re-enter the game as players and compete for the $500,000 grand prize. During the 11th episode, host Julie Chen announced the twist and said America had voted to give the coaches a chance to return to the game.

CBS Fires Latest Shots In ABC-'The Glass House' War

CBS fired 28 pages worth of "Don't like it? Tough luck" response to ABC arguing against CBS's restraining order against the network and its upcoming "The Glass House" reality show, Deadline reports. To summarize loosely, CBS believes that if ABC has a problem with CBS's roadblocks against ABC's programming, then the Disney-owned network should've pondered that before allegedly ripping off CBS's longtime "Big Brother" localization and making the evidence they'd done so disappear.

Who Won 'Big Brother' 13?

Rachel Reilly, a 26-year-old cocktail waitress from Los Angeles, took home the $500,000 grand prize last night on "Big Brother" over 23-year-old Porsche Briggs. The redhead had started the season with her fiance, Brandon Villegas, with whom she had competed on the 12th season of the show. When the finale began, three competitors - Reilly, Briggs and Adam Poch - remained. After winning the HOH competition, Rachel evicted Poch, electing to take newbie Briggs into the final round.

'Big Brother' Cast Member Shelly Moore and Her Daughter Getting Death Threats Over Show

Between the tragedy surrounding "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and the suicide of Russell Armstrong, and now death threats against a "Big Brother" contestant necessitating FBI involvement, it can be safely said that reality television has reached one dangeorus saturation point where we maybe no longer view participants as people at all. Who am I kidding? It reached that point long ago. But now, the de-sensitization and detachment between reality and reality TV is starting to have scary consequences.

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