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Saya Otnoashi was living the life of an ordinary schoolgirl in Okinawa, despite suffering from severe amnesia covering most of her childhood years. This all changed when she got a glimpse into the secret world that lay buried in her lost memories. A Chiropteran, a bat-like monster, appears and attacks Saya at her school one evening. As Saya tries to flee from the Chiropteran, a mysterious man named Hagi appears and helps her hold off the monster, ultimately convincing her to fight the fearsome figure with a sword lined with her own blood. She is surprised to find that her blood is able to crystallize and kill the beast. After the fight, seemingly impossible memories from a life decades ago come to light.

From this point on, the series focuses on the fight against the growing Chiropteran threat. Saya is forced to leave her past life behind, as she is inducted back into Red Shield, a secret organization dedicated to assisting her in a war that she has been fighting for centuries. Hagi resumes his role as Saya's bodyguard and assistant, and Saya's adopted brothers, Kai and Riku, join in the fight and provide morale support for Saya as she tries to regain her powers. Red Shield members, such as David, Lewis and Julia, also provide direct support and carry out their own operations during the series. Saya will need all of their help, since her overwhelming power threatens to break her sanity.

The Chiropterans are also not just mindless beasts. Intelligent Chiropterans, known as Chevalier, prove to be mighty foes as the series advances, and the sinister Cinque Flesh company carry out their own conspiracy tied to a mysterious figure known only as Diva. Worst of all, a third party, the Schiff, join the fray and fight against both sides.

Viewers should expect to see a fairly steady mix of intense and violent action, including fairly dark set pieces as early as the first episode, along with slowly paced investigation and character building episodes.

1 Season, 50 Episodes - Ended
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  • With her sister dead, Saya prepares to kill Diva's babies as well. Before she can, Kai tries to convince her to spare her nieces and live on with them. He also manages to get Hagi to tell Saya how he truly feels.

  • Saya tries to explain her reasons for wanting to kill Diva, but knowing that her sister doesn't understand, she begins the fight. Meanwhile, Hagi and Amshel begin their fight. Now, it's Queen vs. Queen and Chevalier vs. Chevalier.

  • Saya and Hagi infiltrate the Opera House determined to finally destroy Diva. Also, Nathan reveals a surprising secret to Amshel.

  • While Kai, David, Lewis and Okamura plant a bomb to prevent Diva's singing from being heard worldwide, Saya is attacked by James. With his body made up of Corpse Corp body parts, the Chevalier proves to be too much for Saya, Hagi and Lulu to handle.

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