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The story begins as two brothers find their way through life by doing what they do best. One named Teppei Takamiya, who takes complete care of an island farm, and then his brother Kotaro Takamiya who is an excellent scientist. The brothers are very surprised to be united at a robot convention, where the one brother Kotaro will introduce his new concepts in artificial intelligence. All is well between these two brothers, but then all of a sudden the one brother Kotaro is taken away by the evil Machine Empire. Kotaro is being held and hidden in a secret area in the Gobi Desert.

Because of the loss of his brother Teppei vows to save his brother from the evil clutches of the Machine Empire. Teppei catches up to the kidnappers by grappling onto one of their large insect machine. Once Teppei has reached The Area as it is known, he is then confronted with one of the empires most notorious soldiers Metalface, he is then badly beaten and is thrown away like trash into the empires junkyard. Teppei defeated and bleeding into the junkyard trash heap is sure to not survive, but when his blood trickles down to the discarded body of X, who was once one of the greatest Bt at the time. Teppei's valiant blood awakens X who greatly appreciates Teppie by saving his life. As the series goes on these two bond and form a union to try to save Teppies brother Kotaro. But it proves to be a very hard thing to accomplish.

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