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College Hill was a reality TV show airing 94 episodes from January 2004 to June 2009. The premise of the show was following the lives of students at historically black colleges. Like most non-competitive reality shows, the appeal of College Hill lies in watching the drama of the students' lives, as they go on dates, study for exams, and fight with each other. On a few occasions in the show's run, students got into such major altercations that one of two things would happen: either one of the students would voluntarily leave the house before the show was finished filming, or production staff would make the decision to send one of the students out of the house. In the sixth season, the cast members themselves were polled to decide which of the two feuding students should be kicked out. Usually, however, this decision was made by production rather than cast members.

Although College Hill is very popular among BET viewers, it has also received some criticism from the black community, especially alumni of the universities being featured. The complaint is that the show's dramatic style focuses on and exploits the worst parts of human nature and showcases its cast members only as black stereotypes. The show has even impacted college enrollment; the year after Virginia State University was the featured school on the show, the number of in-state students dropped by over 200 students.

Despite these complaints, the show was still extremely popular. In fact, the show was so popular (two of its seasons had record ratings for BET) that it spawned a spin-off, which aired in the summer of 2007. The spin-off was called College Hill Interns. Instead of focusing on a single university for the season, College Hill Interns looked at ten students from ten different universities who all had summer internships in Chicago.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on BET
6 Seasons, 85 Episodes - Canceled
January 28, 2004
Reality, Drama
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College Hill Full Episode Guide

  • Chris and Brandon finally have it out.

  • Milan has a chip on her shoulder.

  • Kyle and the other housemates have had it with Milan.

  • Kyle is a mess, and threatens to leave the house, but Brandon convinces him to stay. Kay and Paul continue to spend time together, but after she hears him deny having real feelings for her - and calling her out of her name - she's more than a little hurt.

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