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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes

Mike and Warren Fletcher are professional divers who unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the waters throughout the world.

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Genre: News
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  • At the bottom of Lake Ontario lie two icy gravesites known as The Hamilton and The Scourge. These wooden schooners served in the War of 1812, but were victims of a violent storm that claimed the lives of 80 sailors. Two centuries later, the Dive Detectives embark on the first scientific mission to enter the wrecks in hopes of revealing why the ships sank and why so many men perished. One giant obstacle stands in their way. The site is off limits to divers. Penetrating the vessels will require a remotely operated $350,000 camera...and one very steady hand.

  • In the summer of 1944, two submarines, the USS Flier and the Robalo, vanished under a treacherous stretch of water in the Philippines. Neither sub has been found, nor a cause for why they sank. The Dive Detectives join forces with the son of The Flier's sole survivor to locate the lost submarine. And the deathbed revelation of a retired Naval officer helps launch the search for the Robalo. The clues are in place but with rough seas, killer sharks, and local pirates in their path, the two lost subs may be the least of their concerns.

  • It was called Project Alberta, a top-secret World War II mission that converted the South Pacific island of Tinian into an A-bomb factory. It was the launch point for the planes that dropped "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" on Japan, but few know that there were many more atomic bombs assembled on this island. When peace arrived, those bombs, and their myriad components vanished, allegedly dumped into the surrounding ocean. The Dive Detectives embark on a land and sea mission, braving excessive heat, deep waters, even live bombs, to put the pieces together.

  • Suit up with father-and-son divers Mike and Warren Fletcher as they take on one of the most challenging quests of their career: recover an ancient Laotion treasure, lost when the boat carrying it fell victim to the Mekong River. Many believe the treasure to be cursed and the Dive Detectives can understand why as their search is plagued by violent currents, zero visibility, quicksand, blade-sharp rocks, and faulty equipment. All the resources and experience they have may not be enough to wrest this treasure from the mighty Mekong's grip.

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