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Ed's Up! is a show that takes place in a variety of countries, cities, states, and towns. Since 2006, Ed Robertson of the band Barenaked Ladies has been the star of this show. He has chosen to show the world what it is like to work daily in dirty and often dangerous conditions.

Ed flies throughout the world to experience the hard jobs that help people keep food on their tables. Ed takes on new jobs in places such as Ireland and the Caribbean. He works a variety of jobs such as pit crew and tree planter.

One episode films Ed as he attempts to be a Jamaican coffee farmer. During each episode, Ed gives a report about how exhausted he is after completing each hands-on occupation. He also includes his experience with his new boss. Ed Robertson gives the viewers a realistic breakdown of how hard the job is and what he has experienced while at his new job.

OLN Canada
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
November 1, 2006
Reality, Travel
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  • It's a race around the world on some of the fastest and sleekest yachts. New designs and safety measures keep these up to date racers moving and Ed jumps aboard to help one team on to victory, at the very least the finish line.

  • Ed lands in Bamfield, British Columbia to dive and avoid being swept out to sea while working at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. Ed needs to master all kinds of new gear before he can join the scientists and count Abalone.

  • One of the most disrespected professions; schoolteachers, get no glory. Ed arrives to take over a class of sixth graders in Mandeville, Jamaica, far from the resorts and beaches. Ed runs through the various lessons and activities.

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