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Elementary is a new televised take on the adventures of the famous Scotland Yard detective Sherlock Holmes played by veteran actor Jonny Lee Miller. However, the television show is set in present day New York City. The setting of the show offers an important twist to a character that has stood the test of time in several classic books. The series takes a classic literary character and dares to dream of what would happen should he be set loose in the present.

A procedural crime drama through and through, Elementary adapts to that genre by using the keen observation techniques of the top detective as the driving force for solving cases. The skills Holmes brings to the table make him a top consultant for the New York Police Department, which is the driving force for case-of-the-week show. The detective's ability to deduce truth from a crime scene is on regular display. Of course, the series not without some character development.

Holmes is evasive about his past, which drove him from Scotland Yard, and is now forced to have a sobriety companion at his side for every waking moment. The famous Watson character is played by a woman, Lucy Liu, and she helps guide Sherlock to keep the crime solver focused on staying clean. Her other task is to help Holmes interact better with people, because his tendencies skew to the abrasive side of the personality meter. The two form a mutually beneficial partnership, and help each other learn new things about each other each and every week.

In the end, Elementary is a witty and clever show that utilizes a few beloved characters to advance some compelling story arcs. The cases and investigations, just like many of the characters on display, are often more complicated than first presented, which is an interesting dynamic in a television landscape crowded with simple and straightforward plots. The twists and turns in the adventures of Holmes and Watson offer the chance to see classic characters in a fresh new light while still maintaining the pieces that made the duo so enjoyable in the literary works.

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Elementary Full Episode Guide

  • After Alfredo disappears suddenly, Holmes and Watson must determine if he's been abducted or suffered a relapse.

  • Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a researcher who was looking into a deadly honey bee outbreak.

  • Holmes and Watson search for an escaped convict when a judge is discovered dead.

  • Holmes and Watson investigate the deaths of two New York City paramedics who were killed during a kidnapping.

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'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 24: 'Heroine' Recap

She says it wasn’t the way she wanted to reveal herself. She says he was disrupting her plans. She wanted to kill him, but he was too complicated and beautiful to destroy. She wanted to study him. She says she’s better than him, though similar. In London, she realized she was superior and concluded their relationship to carry on. She heard of his recovery and wanted to see how far he’d come. He says it’s a lie—he must be close to undermining one of her plots. He tells her to kill him, but she says he is a work of art and she can’t.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 23: 'The Woman' Recap

Holmes grabs Irene, but she panics. He yells her name, and tries to caress her, but she pushes him away, both fighting and relenting. London: Two years ago. Holmes goes into an apartment, introducing himself as a consulting detective. Irene is painting. As a top restorer, she is the person he needs to talk to. She tells him he is beautifully symmetric, but unfortunately the paintings in question are forgeries. He is surprised he had missed that. He admires her work of replicated paintings, lingering.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 22: 'Risk Management' Recap

Moriarty is on the phone. He thanks Holmes for sending the message to Moran. Holmes asks about Irene Addler, and his interest in Holmes. Moriarty wants to hire him as an investigator. He says a man named Wallace Rourke was murdered and there were no leads. He says if Holmes brings the murderer to justice, Moriarty will give him answers. Holmes looks up the man. He was found stabbed to death in Brooklyn. Watson wants to talk about what happened, but Holmes thinks their interaction on the phone will help him identify Moriarty; whether the man on his phone is a minion or the man himself.

'Elementary' Season 2, Episode 21: 'A Landmark Tale' Recap

An old man jots in a journal. Behind him, a younger man comes in and pours himself a drink. The older man presses a button on his laptop. The man falls in pain. The older man tells him he has been studying him. He has been dependant on a pacemaker for seven years. He presses the button a few times, giving the man pain. He asks what he wants. The older man says he’d be happy to see him die, but he’s not there on his own orders. He forces the man to vote. The other logs into the New York Historical Registry and votes on Prop #834.

'Elementary': Season 1, Episode 20: 'Dead Man's Switch' Recap

Watson comes downstairs to find Holmes tattooing himself. She wants to plan for his one-year sober anniversary, but Holmes says he won’t be accepting his chip. He gets  call from Alfredo, who has a friend who needs his help. They go to see Ken Whitman. He is Alfredo’s sponsor. Ken explains that two years ago his daughter Eva used a fake ID to get into a club. A man named Brent Garvey slipped something into her drink and raped her. After he was charged, two others came forward.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 19: 'Snow Angels' Recap

A storm is coming. A security guard at the closed building sees a woman crying for help in the rain. He goes to help her—she says she has been mugged. She pulls a gun and has him open the door. When he touches his waist she shoots him. Men come inside and drag the body away. The guard recovers somewhat, grabs his gun, and shoots. Watson comes in yelling to Sherlock that she got supplies. She sees a woman, named Miss Hudson, crying. She says she is a mess. Holmes tells her that Miss Hudson is an amazing autodidact woman.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 18: 'Deja Vu All Over Again' Recap

Six months ago: a violinist plays in the subway as a woman waits for her train. Someone taps her on the shoulder and gives her flowers, but the train blocks out any dialogue. Later she tells a friend on the phone what happened—the man was heading to his girlfriend’s house and she cancelled. As she’s saying how it cheered her up during her lousy week, the man reappears, and pushes her in front of the train. Watson is at dinner with her friends, who ask her how the companion career is going.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 18: 'The Deductionist' Recap

Scantily clad women dance around Holmes, who sits shirtless in a chair. They ask if he’s ready to get into the act, and handcuff him to the chair. They shut off the music and begin to rob him. They ask where he keeps the money, and threaten him. He calls and the police come in from where they were waiting. Holmes asks if he can keep the cuffs he has picked. Watson tells Holmes it still smells like stripper. She says she has to go to her place, she has heard from her landlord that her subletter is having wild parties.

'Elementary' Season 1, Episode 17: 'Possibility Two' Recap

ZBZ Security employees have been shot. Bell asks for Holmes’ opinion but he defers to Watson, who is in training. She decides the men have been shot in the chest once, and judging from scuff marks, chased up the man who killed them. She can’t decide where the man ran. Holmes steps in, and notes that one of the guards is a fake guard. They probably wanted access to the parking structure since nothing was missing from the museum. He takes his wallet and points out he has been stealing registration from expensive cars, probably to let an associate know which house to break into.

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