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Tony Robinson travels around Britain on a quest to find the truth about many English tales and legends.

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Channel 4
2 Seasons, 9 Episodes
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  • Tony Robinson uncovers the truth about Rome's most infamous emperor. Nero was just 16 when he assumed power, and was treated like a rock star: a glamorous, young figure cutting a dash.

  • Was the Roman emperor Caligula a power-mad tyrant, or a complex autocrat threatened by all parts of the Empire?

  • Tony Robinson concludes his chronicle of the history of Julius Caesar. The programme explores how Caesar forced sweeping changes through the Senate - from reducing unemployment to inventing July.

  • Julius Caesar is one of the monumental figures of history. He forged the role of Emperor and was worshipped as a brilliant general and reformer, but he was killed by the people who knew him best.

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