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The aliens landed six months ago, and it didn't go well for the residents of Earth. In Falling Skies, TNT's latest sci-fi series, Noah Wiley plays Tom Mason, a history professor who is forced to become a revolutionary hero in order to save his sons, his country and his world. He becomes the second in command to the 2nd Mass rebel group which is trying to fight its way out of post-invasion Boston.

Ever since the invasion of the combination of insect-like "skitters," the grey skinned overlord aliens and the robot Mechs, most of humanity has been wiped out. Cities have been destroyed and millions of people killed. Many surviving children have been captured and turned into slaves through the use of a biological harness that attaches through their skin on top of their spine.

Tom Mason's son Ben is one of the children fitted with a harness and kept in mental slavery by the skitters and their companions. Mason's main objective is to rescue his son from the aliens and try to remove the harness and restore his boy to his humanity. This may be Mason's main goal in life, but the leaders of the resistance have other plans.

Tom Mason's encyclopedic memory for history is of great use when planning campaigns against the enemy, and the resistance finds Mason a valuable second leader. Their one and only goal is to cause as much damage as possible to the aliens while finding safe haven for themselves and the civilian groups they gather along the way.

The surviving members of the human race are as diverse as you might expect, with not everyone being a good and noble human. There are members of a biker gang that are helpful as long as it suits their purpose, backstabbing collaborators who cooperate with the aliens for preferential treatment and selfish loaners who want nothing to do with the resistance, preferring instead to just hide out and be left alone.

Falling Skies was created by Robert Rodat, who wrote Saving Private Ryan, and is produced by Steven Spielberg. The production quality is high and each episode looks more like a theater-quality film instead of a television series. It is filmed in Canada during the fall and winter, giving the mainly outdoor sets a chilled and serious look. Now in its second season, Falling Skies is garnering even bigger praise from critics than it did its first year.

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Falling Skies Full Episode Guide

  • Carrying the burden of humanity's survival, Tom and Lexi are desperate to defeat Tom's mortal enemy and find a way to destroy the omnipotent Espheni Power Core.

  • Lexi rescues her father. Lexi's return complicates Tom's mission.

  • Tom and the 2nd mass learn how to pilot a Beamer, which will be vital in destroying the power core.

  • Tom seeks to find equipment to work on a crippled airship. Maggie and Ben are getting close at camp, while the opposite is true for Pope and Sara.

Falling Skies News

TNT Renews 'Falling Skies' and Two Other Series for New Seasons

"Falling Skies" is getting one more year before saying goodbye. TNT is renewing the sci-fi drama for a fifth and final season, according to Deadline. The report claims that five seasons was the length that producers were hoping to have for the series in order to complete the story. "Falling Skies" has been a winner for the network, as it has recently averaged about 5.5 million total viewers once live views and seven-day DVR views are counted. By the same metrics, the show gets about a 2.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'A More Perfect Union'

The beginning of this series finale episode was a prime example of why this show is so frustrating: everyone is combative just for the purpose of being difficult. They would tell you they're being "principled," but really, this is a show full of stubborn characters who like to preach their ideals so much that they're completely unable to see the other side of the argument. In short, either "Falling Skies" has a bunch of obnoxiously written characters, or it's a brilliant show that acts as a metaphor for our ineffective Congress and the political in-fighting over trivial matters that continues despite more pressing issues.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap - 'The Price of Greatness'

With just two episodes left in the second season, you would expect some action in this penultimate episode. You would be wrong. There are no aliens, nor scouting, nor shots fired in "The Price of Greatness." There is only politics. It had to come to that eventually, and honestly, a show about the political restructuring of a nation after an alien attack might be a really interesting show. "Falling Skies" is not that show, however: it is a show about shooting the aliens, and then everybody hugs, and then hopefully two attractive people make out.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 8 Recap - 'Death March'

What. A. Yawner. This episode was a prime example of everything that's been wrong with this second season of "Falling Skies." It was a perfect storm of characters we don't care about getting screen time, manufactured obstacles that impede the progress of our heroes, and general mucking about with feelings when there are much larger things to worry about. Murphy's Law struck in a couple of places: Hal, Maggie and Pope got a busted radiator hose (of course) and the rest of the caravan was attacked by the sibling of a harnessed girl that they picked up, because apparently nobody has learned their lesson yet about picking up harnessed kids.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap - 'Molon Labe'

Well, Ben's little excursion with Kara goes predictably badly, and I say predictably because whenever the characters on this show aren't suffering some of the worst luck in the world (see last week's commentary on how prevalent Murphy's Law is on this show), they're making some of the worst decisions. It's really astonishing how often these people are wrong. They fail to trust the people that they should trust (remember how much of a dick Weaver was to the woman from Charleston?), and they all too easily trust the people that they shouldn't.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap - 'Homecoming'

At this point, we might as well rename Murphy's Law to "Falling Skies"s' Law. Anything that can go wrong on this show, will go wrong. Case in point: this episode has Weaver falling ill from, apparently, a toxin from the harness that has entered his bloodstream. This has not been a problem for anyone else, mind you... just Weaver. The solution is to pump Weaver's blood out, heat it to 108 degrees and kill the pathogen, then cool the blood and pump it back in. This would all go swimmingly if, of course, it weren't for the fact that 2nd Mass happens to be nearly out of fuel for their generators.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 5 Recap - 'Love and Other Acts of Courage'

Finally, an episode of "Falling Skies" that moves forward instead of idling at a standstill. It seems that, ever since the pilot, every episode has been manufactured obstacles and interpersonal drama, most of which has been supremely uninteresting. Not to sully the memory of Jimmy or anything, but c'mon... who actually cared? We start with a small mystery, as the group encounters a bunch of dead mechs and skitters but no sign of human bullet casings or weapons. Are the aliens fighting against each other now? There isn't much time to consider that question as they uncover Rick, still alive but in shock.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap - 'Young Bloods'

Another down week for "Falling Skies" it seems, as we seem to be pretty heavy on the sentiment lately and short on action. There was a bit to get excited about this week, but a lot of it was bogged down in emotion based, once again, on characters that we don't even care about, or barely even know. It all starts when 2nd Mass has a run-in with a group of kids who steal their bikes. When Hal and Ben go to get their stuff back, they invite the leader, Diego, and a few of the other kids back with them to resupply.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap - 'Compass'

It's cute how this show assumes that we care in the slightest about Jimmy, isn't it? Here's a tip, guys: if you want us to care about a character, you have to have them do something likeable first. You can't just have them nearly get everyone killed in season one because he wanted to save his dog and then assume we'll care what happens to him later. In any case, spoiler alert, Jimmy dies at the end of this episode. Yeah, that wasn't a lot of warning, but I'm assuming since you read "recap" in the title that you're expecting spoilers.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2 Recap - 'Shall We Gather at the River' (Part 2)

Back to Part 1 - "Worlds Apart" The second part of the premiere manages to stay in one time period, which means less jumping around for us. But Tom's health is still in question: we open with him having a nightmare about Ol' One-Eye, which makes Tom wonder if the aliens might have done something to his mind while he was their prisoner. Pope obviously agrees, but Weaver, for all his lack of trust last season, has absolutely no doubts about Tom now... at a point when he actually should.

'Falling Skies' Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2 Recap - 'Worlds Apart' (Part 1)

Welcome back, folks! It's summertime, and while our TV options might not be as plentiful as they are in the fall, there's still some good stuff to watch. "Falling Skies," as we learned last year, has the potential to be that good stuff. It also has the potential to be a real yawner. The season two premiere, a two-hour event that combined the first two episodes, was a bit of both. In the first episode, we started off three months after Tom got on that spaceship with the alien leader.

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