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Neffeteria Pugh is also known as Neffe is the older sister of the singer Keyshia Cole. Tired of being known as just Keyshia Cole sister Neffe wants to make her own name for herself. Neffe is trying to recreate herself and show the world that she's not some ghetto chick from the hood. Neffe wants to become a businesswoman and make a good living. Neffe has 5 children 3 from her previous marriage, 1 from an old boyfriend, and 1 with her current boyfriend. Neffeteria always said that she wants her kids to live a better life than what she, and is determined to give it to them.

Frankie Lons who is Keyshia Coles mother, is trying to change her life. Frankie has been in and out of jail for most of her life. She was addicted to crack and had to serve prison time for her actions. Frankie was really never there for her kids and most of them either got adopted or just lived where ever they could find shelter. Frankie is determined to prove to her kids that she has changed and is not going to do drugs anymore. Frankie also wants to be independent and not have to depend on Keyshia to live.

Together Neffe and Frankie try to work on their own issues between the two of them. Neffe is very cold-hearted towards Frankie because, she was there for her when she was younger.

Neffe feels like a lot of things happen to her because of Frankie neglecting her. Frankie and Neffe go to counseling to try to work out their issues but every time something goes perfect they end up back arguing. Neffe is also trying to adjust to having a new baby and also finding out that she is pregnant again with her 5th child. She doesn't know if she will have the baby or not because she had so many complications with her last baby. Frankie is still trying to prove to her kids that she doesn't do drugs anymore, but they don't believe her. Eventually everything works out for both Neffe and Frankie and they build a love for each other that they always wanted to have.

Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on BET
3 Seasons, 18 Episodes - Canceled
August 4, 2009
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Frankie & Neffe Full Episode Guide

  • Neffe keeps a promise to Elite; Elite shine her light, and Frankie's children come out to play.

  • Elite has a life-changing surprise; Neffe has an unwelcomed one; and Soullow surprises himself.Ru

  • Neffe sets new rules with an old friend; Elite helps Kai step into his future.

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