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Future Weapons is a show that is aired on the Military Channel. It is a show that talks about modern weapons and does demonstrations on how they are operated. During this show viewers will find out information about these weapons and how they are very useful. This is one of the more informative shows that a person can watch as it will show them the various weapons that are being made and how they will likely perform in warfare.

The show is hosted by a guy named Mac who is a former Navy SEAL. He will first introduce viewers to five weapons for the show. These weapons will usually include guns, explosives grenade launchers and also various objects used for detection. During the episode he will introduce viewers to the first weapon. When this starts he will give the audience a brief introduction of the weapon and how it compares to other similar weapons of the past. He then tells viewers about the advantages of this new weapon compared to weapons of the past.

After the introduction of the weapons, the host will then do a demonstration to show viewers the effectiveness of it. Most of the time this will usually include various guns such as assault rifles, submachine guns and also sniper rifles. He also introduces people to machine guns as well. When the show is taking place the host also tells viewers about and demonstrates the effectiveness of vehicles such as tanks and planes. This also gives viewers of the latest vehicles used for modern warfare.

This show has five segments where the viewer is introduced to the various weapons. At the end of the show the host goes over all of the weapons for the episode and states his opinion of them. During this segment viewers will get not only a perspective of the weapon but also a former military veteran which will provide lots of valuable insight when watching this show.

Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on Discovery Channel
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled
April 19, 2006
Documentary & Biography, Military & War
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Future Weapons Full Episode Guide

  • Soldiers endure the bitter cold temperatures and conditions while they train in Alaska. Weapons included are the Stryker mobile gun system, the M56E1 smoke generator and the Arctic warfare super magnum sniper rifle.

  • A bomber plane which runs with no personnel aboard, that can take off and land on an aircraft carrier is featured.

  • A return to Israel and a look at the newest weapons being designed for the Israeli armed forces, including a missile protection shield for tanks, one of the world's toughest main battle tanks that fires super-smart rounds, and a state-of-the-art cruise missile and the air defense system which is rivaled by none.

  • Includes a look at inflatable armor, a shoulder firing grenades that doubles the range of the weapon, the A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack plane, an assault rifle round that stays supersonic out to 1200 yards.

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