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Gata Salvaje is a telenovela that was first broadcast on Venevision, a Venezuelan television network. The show first aired in Venezuala in May of 2002 after which it was released on Univision, a Spanish language television channel in the United States. It was later released in Mexico. The main characters of the show are played by Marlene Favela, an actress of Mexican Heritage, and Mario Cimarro, who hails from Cuba.

This telenovela was a first for Spanish language television in that there had been no other telenovela before it that had been shot on location in the United States then released in Mexico. The show was written by Omaira Rivero.

The plot, which revolves around Rosaura Rios, tracks the changing fortunes of her character and the events that surround them. Rosaura, who is played by Marlene Favela, is introduced to viewers as an impoverished young woman who works two jobs. Her day job as a lunch girl on the ranch of the well-to-do Arismendi family, connects her to Luis Mario Arismendi, the heir to this family's fortune. After a series of unfortunate events, Luis Mario, played by Mario Cimarro, ends up in a marriage to Rosaura. Luis Mario is initially motivated to seek this union to spite his sister rather than out of genuine love for Rosaura. This leads to a series of vengeful acts against Rosaura and Luis Mario by Luis Mario's sister and the bride she had intended for her brother. The repercussions of these actions serve as fodder for Rosaura's own revenge later in the show.

Another notable characters in the show is Eduarda Arismendi, Luis Mario's Sister, who is played by Mara Croatto. Eduarda possesses a passionate hatred for Rosaura. Eva Granados played by Carolina Tejera, also shares in this hatred. Eva is deeply in love with Luis Mario and this passion drives her to commit unthinkable crimes against Rosaura and her family. Other characters of note include Camelia Valente, who plays Luis Mario's wife early in the show, and her lover Patricio Rivera.

1 Season, 249 Episodes - Canceled
Gata Salvaje
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  • Larry le dice a Panchita que esta enamorado de ella.

  • Rosaura busca a Luis Mario.

  • Estrella le concede su perdón a Patricio.

  • Luisiana y Guillermo anuncian su noviazgo a los Arismendi.

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