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General Hospital: Night Shift is a drama series that aired in 2007. General Hospital: Night Shift was a spinoff of the long running daytime television series Soap Opera. General Hospital: Night Shift ran as a prime time television series, and attempted to get away from many of the soap opera story arches that distinguished its parent show. The series follows a team of doctors as they take care of critical patients during the night, and as they deal with their various interpersonal problems. General Hospital: Night Shift ran for two series with the first series being considered the most watched soap opera of all time.

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Canceled
July 12, 2007
Drama, Romance, Soaps
General Hospital: Night Shift
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General Hospital: Night Shift Full Episode Guide

  • With Robert having slipped into a coma his former friends Luke, Sean and Tiffany appear in his dream. Claire makes a decision about her future at the hospital. Kyle is forced to say goodbye to Eric when Eric leaves for Portland to have treatment that could help him get better. Jagger finds himself with a fight on his hands to keep custody of Stone. Robert comes out of his coma. An explosion rocks the hospital.

  • Anna attempts to find out more about her ex husband's condition. Saira tells Robin about Leo sleeping with Claire. Patrick is blamed after the hospital is put in danger after he threw a racist patient out. Kyle is forced to be honest with Eric's father about his chances of survival. Monica tries to help Patrick. Robert and Anna talk about their past adventures. Kyle and Eric grow closer. Saira clashes with Leo about him and Claire. Robert slips into a coma.

  • Robin finds her father passed out in his room. Claire tells Leo she was wrong to sleep with Leo. The hospital team find themselves having to deal with racial problems at the hospital. Kyle asks Leo if he has told Saira about sleeping with Claire yet. Anna Devane stops by to see her ex husband Robert after he requires more surgery. When Saira asks Claire if she slept with Leo she admits that she did.

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