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There is a little Canadian based show, called Being Erica that some people have not heard of yet. The television show is based in Toronto, and it also has a all Canadian cast. Since it is a show from Canada, this may be the reason why some people have not heard of it, but it is show you need to see soon.

The whole plot of the story, is that the main named character named Erica, sees a therapist, whose name is Dr. Tom. This doctor uses time travel to take Erica back to mistakes she has made in life to make them right again. Shows that are centered around time travel can be very interesting, and can keep you glued to the tv screen.

With the show exploring elements like death, moral issues, and destiny, this makes the show very fascinating. The time travel is used to create a very entertaining plot twist and keeps the fans waiting for what's next.

The time travel element is also used to assist the romance side of the television show. Erica meets and likes a young fellow named Kai, who is also a time traveler but is from the future. This is a love triangle that is more tasteful than we probably have seen in a while.

The show has a different plot, than most of the shows on television, and it is interesting and supernatural. It's great to see, what kind of visuals we get, when watching story lines about time travel.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on SOAPnet
4 Seasons, 51 Episodes
February 19, 2009
Comedy, Drama, Soaps
Cast: Erin Karpluk, Reagan Pasternak, Michael Riley, Kathleen Laskey
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Being Erica Full Episode Guide

  • Erica is sent back to her family' 1992 Purim party, after Erica gets an unwelcome birthday surprise from Julianne.

  • It' Dave and Ivan' wedding day, and Erica find herself living her own relationship fantasies.

  • Everyone is keeping secrets, and Erica grapples with learning life' biggest secret of all.

  • Erica runs into Ethan, and they bond in both the present and past. Meanwhile, Brent and Julianne share a revelation.

  • Erica wishes for more control, and gets it when Dr. Tom grants her time-travel powers.

  • Outside the office, Dr. Tom is repeating an old pattern. Erica and Adam hit a rough patch. Kai is back from the future.

  • Brent is failing to jive with the new River Rock. Erica returns to her high school days in order to help an exchange student fit in.

  • Erica reels from Sam' shocking news. Barbara struggles to bury the past.

  • 50/50 Press' new assistant, Rachel is struggling under Julianne' particular management style, while Erica tries to get to the root of Julianne' bullying.

  • After last season's cliff-hanger, Erica begins the final stage of her therapy as a doctor in training, and she is shocked when her first patient is revealed to be someone she knows.

  • After three years of time-travel therapy with Dr. Tom, Erica has visited the past, jumped to the future, side-stepped to alternate realities, and changed her life in the process. But now, Erica has arrived in a place she never thought she would see again: Right back where she started.

  • Erica is helping ho-ho-host 50/50 Press' first holiday party, much to the disappointment of her Rabbi father.

  • Erica and Adam acknowledge their feelings.

  • Erica is offered an incredible career opportunity.

  • Erica's latest therapy sessions unearths a shocking secret that could mean the end of 50/50 Press.

  • The surprising return of someone from Dr. Tom's forces him to deal with the past.

  • Jenny requires assistance in getting her life on the right track.

  • Cassidy is in town for a conference while the Gay pride is being organized.

  • Adam gets the chance to alter the regret that changed his life for the worse.

  • Erica is thrown for a loop.

  • Erica returns to Leo's fraternity pledge.

  • Erica is determined to pick herself up after her breakup with Ethan.

  • Erica's life turns upside down.

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