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The U.S. comedy drama series Greek focused on the relationships and lives of a group of college students who were active in the Greek societies of the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University in Ohio. Greek ran for four seasons before the series creator Patrick Sean Smith decided to end the show at the climax of the fourth season. Although the show appeared on the ABC Family network its content was often not suitable for a younger audience as it depicted the private lives of young people and their relationships in the University.

The four seasons of Greek focus on the fictional fraternities Kappa Tau Gamma and Omega Chi Delta; the sorority Zeta Beta Zeta also features along with a large number of characters who are not members of any of the featured Greek societies. Opening on the character of Rusty Cartwright, also known as Spitter who pledges to join the Kappa Tau Gamma fraternity. During the first season Rusty's sister Casey, played by Spencer Grammer is dating a member of Kappa Tau and inspires Rusty to join. The season's progress with Rusty a member of the Kappa Tau fraternity and his sister remaining in the Zete Beta Zeta sorority.

74 episodes of Greek were produced over four seasons by ABC Family original Productions that were first aired on the ABC Family Channel. Greek was shown by networks throughout Europe, South America and Australiasia; in the U.K. the 50 minute episodes were accompanied by short episodes of a series called Greek Uncovered that showed behind the scenes footage of the production. The California Institute of Technology was used as the location for shooting Cyprus-Rhodes University; other locations used for the filming of Greek included the campus of The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The final scenes of Greek were shown in the U.S. in March 2011 and showed some of the major characters leaving Cyprus-Rhodes for good and new pledges arriving.

4 Seasons, 74 Episodes - Canceled
July 9, 2007
Drama, Comedy
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  • Amid the chaos of preserving the Kappa Tau house, brotherhood, friendship, and budding relationships are tested in the finale.

  • Rebecca recruits a former house president when she discovers ZBZ is up for the Golden Lily award honoring the best chapter in the country.

  • A mock trial during class proves to be beneficial for the contentious Casey and Evan. Meanwhile, Rusty and Calvin try to save Dale from an embarrassing moment at a talent show.

  • At Calvin's birthday, Casey and Ashleigh see each other for the first time since their fight. Casey discovers that Ashleigh is dating Professor Segal.

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