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La Que No Podía Amar (The One Who Could Not Love) is a Mexican soap opera telenovela that is produced by Jose Alberto Castro with the Televisa network. Delia Fiallo wrote the original story that was adapted by Ximena Suarez. The story is a remake of Fiallo's original novela from radio called La Mujer Que No Podia Amar.

The story starts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. Ana Paula Carmona had to look after her sick mother as a child. She decides to study nursing after the death of her mother, to help others.

When Ana Paula is almost about to graduate, she meets Bruno, who offers her a job working for an awful lawyer named Rogelio (Roger) Montero. Since the money is good, she works as a nurse to support her Aunt Rosa, who cared for her and brother Michael since childhood.

What Ana Paula was not prepared for, was having to work in very difficult conditions at a farm. Called "The Fort," it is far away and very isolated. Her boss, Roger, is also very difficult. He has yet to overcome the consequences of an accident that happened just before he was to marry his fiance, Vanessa. As a result of the accident, his selfish and frivolous fiance left him when he became crippled.

Also at The Fort is his sister, Cinthia. She feels trapped since Roger is withholding part of her rightful inheritance and forces her to watch over him. Cinthia subsequently becomes involved with the foreman of the ranch, Ephraim. She is with him out of boredom, however, Ephraim falls in love with her. Because of his love for Cinthia, Ephraim pays no attention to the innocent maid, Consuelo, who sincerely loves him.

Roger and Cinthia's godmother, Maria Consuelo also lives at the Fort. She has been like a mother to them and was their nanny when they were children.

Ana Paula then meets hardworking and noble engineer, Gustavo Duran. He has a sister who is a nurse named Mercedes. Ana Paula falls for Gustavo but when Roger also has eyes for her, a triangle forms that interferes.

Ana Paula's brother Michael causes a terrible accident for which he could lose his hand and be imprisoned for life. In exchange for ensuring he does not go to jail, Ana agrees to marry Roger.

Ana is willing to make that sacrifice for her brother, but is not aware of what is in store for her. She finally realizes that she cannot get over her first love, Gustavo. Ana Paula wants to be free to be with her first love.

La Que No Podía Amar has won two awards from Premios TVyNovelas for Best Lead Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

Monday - Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Univision
1 Season, 156 Episodes - Canceled
August 1, 2011
La Que No Podia Amar
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La Que No Podia Amar Full Episode Guide

  • Vanesa est'á muy arrepentida por todo y junto con Rogelio sospechan que Cinthia y Bruno son cómplices de la muerte de Miguel. Paula y Rogelio se casan en una emotiva ceremonia.

  • Ana Paula podría ser asesinada por Cinthia, quien ahora es fugitiva de la ley. Miguel descubre que Rosaura y Bruno son los responsables de todo lo que ha sucedido.

  • Bruno logra convencer a Vanesa que le venda sus propiedades. Paula sigue enamorada de Rogelio y su tía le dice que busque su felicidad.

  • Maria decide no apoyar m'ás a Cinthia en sus maldades. Rogelio y Gustavo discuten por el amor de Paula, pero Gustavo asegura que rehar'á su vida con ella.

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