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Liv and Maddie is typical Disney Channel fare, geared toward a preteen audience. The show focuses on Liv and Maddie Rooney, 15-year-old identical twins with very different personalities. Liv is the well-known star of a popular television show that has just finished its final episode, while Maddie is a blossoming basketball phenom dealing with her recent popularity.

Coming back to a normal home life after being a television star is difficult for Liv Rooney. Coping with her sister's return is difficult for Maddie Rooney. Going to the high school where both of their parents work is difficult for both of them.

Liv and Maddie follows the lives of the girls as they wade through normal teenage life, boys, meddling younger brothers, and their own clashing personalities.

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Friday 9:45 PM et/pt on Disney
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Liv and Maddie Full Episode Guide

  • When Maddie loses her twin charm bracelet that Liv gave her, she is more than sad. When Liv tries to make her feel guilty, Maddie wants to teach her a lesson.

  • Joey and Parker have finally reached the point of no escape and have to clean their disgusting, filthy room.

  • Liv is co-hosting and performs at a New Year's Eve party when suddenly a secret is unveiled on live TV, causing Maddie to doubt her long-distance relationship with Diggie.

  • Liv gets the lead role in a basketball movie and Maddie and Willow help her train.

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