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Mayday is a documentary series focusing on real life air crashes and occasionally other types of diasters from around the world. Produced in Canada by the Cineflix production company the first season was commissioned by the U.K.'s Channel Five; the National Geographic Channel has since taken the show around the world.

In its native Caada the show is known by the name Mayday, in the U.S. as Air Disaster and in the rest of the world as Air Crash Investigation. The more than 90 episodes of Mayday have been shown in over 140 countries around the world and translated into numerous languages.

Mayday follows a similar format in each episode s the focus of the show is placed on a single air crash or near miss. A mixture of computer generated images, interviews and reconstructions of events is used to provide an overview of the events leading up to a specific disaster. Actors portray key passengers, crew members and ground staff who were part of the events from the time of boarding the plane up to the moment of disaster. Interviews are used with survivors, family members, and aviation and safety experts to explain the events that led to or caused the air crash. Voice recordings of the cabin crews communications with the air traffic control tower are also used to convey information about the plane.

Despite being sold around the world Mayday is produced from the Cineflix production offices in Toronto, Canada. Mayday has been both a critical and commercial success for its producers.

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Mayday Full Episode Guide

  • August 23, 2005 a flight in Peru landed in a swamp 4 miles off the airfield.

  • December 19, 1997 a flight on it's way to Singapore crashed into the Musi River.

  • In Singapore - a flight collided with construction equipment on takeoff.

  • Valujet Flight 592 crashed into the Florida Everglades 10 minutes after impact.

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