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The MTV music video awards is like the Grammy only much cooler. This award show gives out moon men statues to groups in a number of different categories. Categories are similar to traditional award shows such as best song of the year or best new band, new artist, and of course best music video. There is a viewer's choice award where the regular viewers of the channel get to call in and vote for their favorite song or band. Those who win this award are honored because they were chosen by their bans and no one else. There are also awards for best rap artist and similar categories that are not yet recognized by major award shows.

The MTV video music award show has live performances but some of the hottest bands around. If the band is a hit they are invited to perform at the show. Some of the most memorable moment in music happened here. The awards are presented by the most popular people in music, movies, comedy, and sports. These performers come to the award show it and it like a big party for them. No one has to be uptight. The more outrageous a person is the more the fans will love it. The music award show has been around since the 1990s' when music videos first became a big hit. Recipients of these awards include bands like Nirvana and even Madonna. MTV video music awards are considered to be much cooler then any other music award shows and spotlight the hottest acts and bands.

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MTV Video Music Awards Full Episode Guide

  • Lucy Hale, Sway and Christina Garibaldi present the pre-show to this years award ceremony.

  • Watch the 2013 MTV Music Awards Live from Brooklyn, New York. Scheduled performers include Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake.

  • Watch the MTV VMA Pre-Show to see a close up of celebrities at the VMAs and what they are wearing.

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MTV Video Music Awards News

New OK Go Music Video Features Scooters, Drones and More Impressive Choreography

Over the years, and ever since those treadmills, the release of every new OK Go music video has been something of an Internet holiday. No matter what you think of the band's music, you have to admit: they know how to go viral. The newest video from the band, just released today, is for their single "I Won't Let You Down." As you would expect, it's pretty impressive. This time around, the band is using some Segway-like self-balancing unicycles made by Honda in order to do a sort of motorized choreography.

Afroman Updated 'Because I Got High' to Promote Marijuana Legalization - Watch!

The times have changed since the year 2000...and so has Afroman's hit song. Remember the song "Because I Got High" about how getting high led to a series of rather unfortunate events? Well, Afroman has remade the song for modern times, and the message has changed significantly. Afroman, in combination with pro-marijuana-legalization groups Weedmaps and NORML, has released a new music video for the song with new lyrics, this time singing the praises of marijuana and arguing for why it should be legalized across the country.

That Homeless Guy Miley Cyrus Brought to the VMAs is Wanted by the Police

So, Miley Cyrus brought a date to the "MTV Video Music Awards" and had him accept an award on her behalf. This man was Jesse Helt, a homeless man whom Cyrus met at a Hollywood homeless shelter. Helt stood on stage and gave an empassioned speech about homelessness, there was applause, the foundation that Cyrus and Helt were supporting got a ton of likes on Facebook. But things might not end so happily for Helt, as NBC News has revealed that he's wanted by Oregon police. Back in 2010, Helt was arrested after breaking into a drug dealer's apartment because, as Helt told police at the time, the man had sold him "bad weed.

Lil' Wayne Sues Quincy Jones III Over Documentary Music

Well-played, Lil' Wayne. Whatever your opinion of the rapper, the man, or the circumstances as TMZ has reported them, just admit that this is a shrewd, well-played bullet he's placed to protect his portrayal in a documentary. Wayne is ready to drag documentarian Quincy Jones III - yep, son of the legendary composer and producer of the same name - to block Jones' use of the New Orleans-born rapper's music in a documentary Wayne found distasteful. Jones had been set to include, among other tracks, Wayne's "Lollipop," "Stuntin' Like My Daddy," "Pussy Monster," "Let The Beat Build," "La La," "Mr.

MTV Video Music Award Ratings Fall Off 50 Percent From 2011 Record

Blame a start-time shift to accommodate the Democratic National Convention finale and President Obama's nomination-acceptance speech. Blame the inevitable realization that MTV has as much to do with musical relevance as Santa Claus has to do with Chanukah. Whatever the reason, The Hollywood Reporter said Friday, Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards broadcast drastically under-performed. How much did ratings sink? Well, without even an official host to headline the telecast, the 2011 VMAs marked a second consecutive year of increased viewership and set a VMA record with 12.

Watch Kevin Hart Spare Nobody In His MTV Video Music Awards Monologue

Do go on, MTV. I believe you were trying to tell Kevin Hart that jokes about Kristen Stewart's affair were off-limits? The energetic comic took Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards stage and told it like it was: "MTV made a mistake." That's fine, he said. MTV is where mistakes belong, he said. "Does he have any idea in how many senses he's right?" more than a few of us wondered. Please, allow a supposition: it was a "mistake" to ever try to tell a stand-up comic what he will and won't joke about.

Kristen Stewart Skips Final 'Twilight'-Hyping VMAs

Maybe we have our first sign that "Twilight" co-lead Kristen Stewart has been told to keep her distance after all from her "Breaking Dawn Part 2"-promoting cast-mates - especially estranged lover and co-star Robert Pattinson. Stewart was originally supposed to appear alongside Pattinson and the embattled couple's co-star Taylor Lautner at Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards to promote November's saga-concluding "Breaking Dawn Part 2." Instead, People and Access Hollywood confirm, Stewart was MIA from Los Angeles' Staples Center Thursday night and instead flew north to Canada Wednesday for a Toronto International Film Festival premiere screening of her turn in the Jack Kerouac adaptation "On The Road.

Chris Brown, Drake Slapped With Bar-Brawl Lawsuit

Bury the hate, you two - before this gets expensive. The aftershocks of a June barroom brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake have finally toppled enough people, that some have started pushing back. According to a report by, Rihanna's feudin', fussin', fightin' exes are both being sued by parties claiming the brawl financially wounded the establishment where they crossed paths. The filing from Entertainment Enterprises, which owns the night spot Greenhouse in New York City, claimed that the scuffle between the R&B and hip-hop stars' followers left patrons injured in the crossfire and led to a $20-million suit from star NBA guard Tony Parker.

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