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The MTV music video awards is like the Grammy only much cooler. This award show gives out moon men statues to groups in a number of different categories. Categories are similar to traditional award shows such as best song of the year or best new band, new artist, and of course best music video. There is a viewer's choice award where the regular viewers of the channel get to call in and vote for their favorite song or band. Those who win this award are honored because they were chosen by their bans and no one else. There are also awards for best rap artist and similar categories that are not yet recognized by major award shows.

The MTV video music award show has live performances but some of the hottest bands around. If the band is a hit they are invited to perform at the show. Some of the most memorable moment in music happened here. The awards are presented by the most popular people in music, movies, comedy, and sports. These performers come to the award show it and it like a big party for them. No one has to be uptight. The more outrageous a person is the more the fans will love it. The music award show has been around since the 1990s' when music videos first became a big hit. Recipients of these awards include bands like Nirvana and even Madonna. MTV video music awards are considered to be much cooler then any other music award shows and spotlight the hottest acts and bands.

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MTV Video Music Awards
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MTV Video Music Awards Full Episode Guide

  • Watch the 2015 MTV Music Awards live with host Miley Cyrus.

  • Lucy Hale, Sway and Christina Garibaldi present the pre-show to this years award ceremony.

MTV Video Music Awards News

Something to Talk About: What Happened at the MTV VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards show has become the go-to venue for flashy celebrity controversy. This year, Miley Cyrus took off most of her clothes again, but even more provocative things happened on stage.

Miley Cyrus Provokes Nicki Minaj Ahead of VMAs

Did Miley Cyrus just pick a fight with Nicki Minaj just a few days before the pair are both set to take the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards?

5 Seconds of Summer's Clifford Addresses Mental Health Issues

One thing is certain about fans of 5 Seconds of Summer: they love their punk-pop boys. When singer Michael Clifford announced that he's been in therapy recently, the show of support was massive.

Katy Perry Just Dropped a Tweet-Bomb in the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj Feud

Katy Perry is having none of Taylor Swift's crap.

New OK Go Music Video Features Scooters, Drones and More Impressive Choreography

The video for "I Won't Let You Down" is predictably great!

Afroman Updated 'Because I Got High' to Promote Marijuana Legalization - Watch!

He even made a new music video and everything!

That Homeless Guy Miley Cyrus Brought to the VMAs is Wanted by the Police

Well, this is kinda awkward...

Lil' Wayne Sues Quincy Jones III Over Documentary Music

It's a shrewd enough move: what's a movie about Lil' Wayne without Weezy's own music? The New Orleans-born rapper is taking Quincy Jones III to court to keep his music out of a documentary Jones made that Weezy finds to be offensive to his image.

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