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My Name is Earl is a comedy that follows title character Earl Hickey, played by well known actor Jason Lee. Earl is a two bit con artist, who is generally disliked by almost everyone who knows him or has ever dealt with him. Earl only decides to change his scam artist ways after he wins the lottery and then is hit by a car while celebrating his good fortune. This accident causes Earl to lose the winning lottery ticket before claiming his prize. Earl decides, while in the hospital recovering from his injuries, that karma and his previous misdeeds have caused him to lose the ticket. He then makes a list of all the wrongs he's ever done to people, in order to hopefully improve his karma and his lot in life. After successfully scratching the first person off of his list, Earl finds his lost $100,000 lottery ticket. Earl then decides to finish the rest of his list and fix all of the bad things he's done to his friends, family and random strangers during his life of crime.

Earl is helped in his goal to finish his list and mend his karma by a cast of goof ball characters who live with him in Camden County. One of the main people who helps and hurts Earl with the completion of his list is Earl's dimwitted, but sweet brother Randy Hickey (played by Ethan Suplee). Randy is the only one in Earl's family who still talks to him and was his main partner in crime in the old days. Earl also is helped in completing his list by his trash talking ex-wife Joy Turner (played by Jaime Pressly), her extremely smart husband Darnell Turner (played by Eddie Steeples) who's in witness protection and the maid at the motel where Randy and Earl live Catalina (played by Nadine Velazquez).

As he completes his list, Earl realizes more and more that it feels good to do good things. Earl winds up running through most of the money that he won in the lottery, but he also ends up mending his relationships with all the people who knew, and mostly hated, the old Earl Hickey.

4 Seasons, 96 Episodes - Ended
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  • Earl searches for Dodge's dad, despite Joy's protests.

  • The mystery of the disappearance of the former Crab Shack owner is finally resolved.

  • Part 1 of 2. The news show "Inside Probe" arrives in Camden to investigate the vanishing of Crab Shack owner Ernie Belcher. The story finally airs eight years later---with Earl and Randy emerging as the suspects. Guest stars include Geraldo Rivera and racer Michael Waltrip.

  • Hulu Plus subscription required. Learn MoreThe locals gather round the TV at the Crab Shack as Geraldo Rivera and Inside Probe investigate the disappearance of its owner, Ernie Belcher. Mike Waltrip guest stars.

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Actress Jaime Pressly From My Name is Earl Arrested For DUI

Jaime Pressly must have been celebrating the New Year a little too much this week. Maybe she didn’t know the party ended on Saturday! Jaime, who starred in My Name is Earl, was arrested for suspicion of being intoxicated while driving in California. Jaime is not new to the party scene. Remember when she was supposedly caught urinating in public, on VIDEO! She denied it and said it was a water bottle being emptied near the ground.

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