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The television show Oscar's Oasis is also known as Oscar & Co to the French viewers. This show is a cartoon designed for a young audience. This show can be seen through out the world including location such as the United State, Brazil, and many European countries.

The main character of the show is a lizard named Oscar. He lives in a desert location. The exact location is not specified. A concrete road runs through the desert and there are trucks that pass often. These trucks leave a lot of litter behind when they pass through. Oscar is often exploring the various types of trash that have been left. He is able to turn the trash into someone fun for the creatures and they turn it into things to amuse them. Oscar is on a constant search for food and water. Sometimes his friends are able to help him find the food. Other times his friends get in the way. Every now and then Oscar is able to find some type of liquid left behind in one of the bottles. Once in a while he is even able to get it out to drink. Finding food is another adventure for Oscar. He often eats eggs that he steals from a nearby hen house. When Oscar or his friends find food they whistle to let each other know it is feeling time.

Oscar has three good friends that live in the desert with him. Popy is a fox, Buck is a vulture, and Haarchi is a hyena. They live in an abandoned school bus. The desert has many canyons and Oscar often finds himself rescuing his friends when they fall down them. Every now and then a truck driver and his dog will be shown to add to the adventure. Each show runs for only about seven minutes but a lot goes on in that time.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 20, 2016
Animation & Cartoons
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Oscar's Oasis Full Episode Guide

  • Roco must save a truck's precious cargo from the voracious Trio. / Seeing his photo on a digital camera screen, Oscar believes he's met his double.

  • Oscar plays volleyball. / Roco cleans up the messy dump. / Popy puts Harchi on an exercise regime. / Oscar has a run-in with extra-hot chilli peppers.

  • Roco is separated from Manolo. / Oscar collaborates with dung beetles. / Oscar swallows a radio. / The Trio and Roco race to find hidden treasure.

  • Oscar needs something for his itching back. / Roco realizes he does all the hard work. / Oscar wants to be a superhero. / Oscar finds a golf ball.

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