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After sneaking into a laboratory and stealing a rocket ship with a note that says "Don't press this button" Sheen finds himself flying through outer space far away from the planet Earth. Nothing can prepare him for the planet he is about to crash land on called Zeenu. There he will encounter very strange creatures and find himself stranded.

The planet Zeenu is located about four million and one light years away from Earth. It is inhabited by the Zeenunians that would eventually prove to be Sheen's only hope in getting back home. Shortly after the crash Sheen gets a little homesick and begins to wish he had listened to Jimmy's warning. However due to the crash landing through a Zeeunian's home his rocket ship was destroyed.

Dorkus is infuriated that his home was destroyed by Sheen and even though he tries to plan out ways to destroy Sheen the Emperor breaks up the plans because he has become quite fond of Sheen. Shane makes fun of Dorkus religiously due to his name being very similar to the earth word dork.

The emperor of Zeenu strongly believes that Sheen is a supernatural creature that can bring joy and happiness to the planet Zeenu. While making many new friends on this new planet Sheen must fix his rocket ship so that he can return to Earth to be with his family and friends again.

Although most of the show resolves around Sheen creating chaos and destruction for Dorkus and Dorkus trying to get back at him with failed attempts, he begins to sort of build a life there. He gains a pet whom he names Chock Chock who happens to be one of the most feared of the wildlife on the planet Zeenu. He also befriends a green slug creature who closely resembles Carl. He develops a crush on a Zeenunian girl and also befriends a chimpanzee who just so happened to also come from Earth yet he seems to be some sort of mathematician.

Despite the many friends and acquaintances Sheen makes on the planet Zeenu he still really misses him home as well as his friends and family back on Earth. So he continues to find a way to fix his rocket ship so that he can find his way back to his home hoping that his new friends will be helpful in the repair.

Saturday 11:00 AM et/pt on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes - Canceled
October 2, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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Planet Sheen Full Episode Guide

  • Sheen, Doppy and Aseefa are determined to find a cure for Nesmith.

  • During the Compliment Festival, Dorkus releases the Mocking Blurg on Sheen. /Sheen organizes a magic team with Nesmith as his partner. However Dorkus decides this is an opportune time to upstage (and eliminate) him.

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