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Series Length:5 Seasons, 55 Episodes
Schedule: Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on MTV

The television show, Pranked is a half-hour reality show packed with real-life pranks Whether the prank succeeded or failed, viewers will find themselves laughing throughout this comedy show. Commentary made by both Streeter Seidell and made by Amir Blumenfeld just further adds to the humor of the pranks shown throughout the show.

The television show, Pranked, is different than many reality shows because the pranks are done by ordinary, regular people. The pranks are not done by stunt specialists or with television stage props nor special effects. Viewers might even see pranks they have previously tried. Be warned;Viewers might find themselves catching the prank fever after watching a few episodes of the television show.

Since the pranks are setup by ordinary, everyday people, it is possible to predict some of the pranks that are destined to fail. Other setups will keep viewers curious and watching the television show, just to see whether the prank will fail or will succeed. Successful and unsuccessful pranks are aired on the show.

The show has pranks that are done in a variety of settings. Pranks are carried out both indoors and outdoors. Also they are executed in the privacy of homes, in public places, and even, on the job by co-employees.

The television show, Pranked, is not just fooling and playing pranks on humans. The fun is spread to feline, canine and other animal family members. One never knows what prank is coming next in the show.There is plenty of variety for everyone that watches the television show, Pranked.

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Status: Returning Series
Genre: Reality
Rating: 4/10
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  • Streeter and Amir participate in more prankster fun.

  • Streeter and Amir participate in more prankster fun.

  • Streeter and Amir participate in more prankster fun.

  • Streeter and Amir participate in more prankster fun.

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