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The Red Shoe Diaries is a Showtime cable network original drama TV series featuring erotic material. Most of the episodes were directed by Zalman King or Rafael Eisenman as well as by both directors. The episodes always opened with newspaper ads from the personals section listed under "Red Shoes." The ads asked women to send their most personal detailed diaries featuring stories of passion, love and related betrayal.

Host and presenter Jake Winters (played by Actor, David Duchovny) walks the abandoned train tracks with his faithful dog named Stella. Each themed story begins with him reading a letter received from his post office box. Starting with "Dear Red Shoes," he begins reading the story out loud.

It is revealed that the character of Winters was motivated to place the ads in the personals requesting these stories after his fiancee's suicide. He subsequently confronts the man his fiance was having an affair with - a shoe salesman and construction worker who had sold a pair of high heeled red shoes to her.

Winters placed the newspaper ads to learn about why his fiance chose to have an affair, what really happened to their relationship and to find out why she took her life. He believes that through the private stories of unknown and anonymous women, he can come to a conclusion by studying similar situations of other women.

The stories almost always feature very thin plot lines that revolve around a certain level of intrigue associated with a girl or woman's sexual awakening. Narrated by these women, the stories take on an even more personalized tone. Characteristics of each show feature mood inspired music along with nude love scenes that classify as soft core porn. No continued story arc or character connection exists between the various stories, aside from the fact that Jake Winters introduces each episode.

The Red Shoe Diaries first aired on the Showtime cable television network in the U.S. during 1992 to 1997 and was later distributed by the Playboy Entertainment Company overseas.

The erotic TV series was also broadcast on the Bravo! Canadian television network early every Saturday morning and was also called Red Shoe Diaries. Showtime also broadcasts various episodes from time to time.

The series also inspired several movies, including one released for television in 1992. Subsequently, approximately nineteen other video Red Shoe films were released during and after the series was broadcast.

6 Seasons, 110 Episodes - Canceled
June 27, 1992
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Red Shoe Diaries Full Episode Guide

  • A woman is caught in a tense love triangle.

  • Un solitario fotógrafo sale de detr'ás del lente y se une a los desinhibidos juegos de strip póker de un trío de vecinos.

  • La imaginación de un novio celoso enloquece cuando su novia recibe una oferta de cine en su luna de miel.

  • Atrapada en una tormenta una joven desilusionada reaviva su débil relación con la ayuda de palomas mensajeras.

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