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"Ripper Street" is the new hit period crime drama that has critics raving about the dramatized account of the aftermath of the "Jack the Ripper" killings in 19th century London. Six months after the last reported Ripper murder occured in East London in April of 1889, the police are still patroling one of the poorest areas of London during this time, the squalid slums of Whitechapel. After a string of similar murders take place in this area, rumors begin to swirl about the return of the infamous murderer to the streets of London. It is up to Detective, Inspector Edmund Reid and Detective, Sergeant Bennett Drake to investigate these new murders.

As spring rolls in on London, many sensationalized stories begin to appear in the city's newspapers much to the annoyance of Reid and Drake. Fred Best knew one of the victims who had ties to the investigating detectives, because one of the victims is Emily Reid the daughter of Detective, Inspector Reid. At the time before her death she was doing outreach mission work to the prostitutes of Whitechapel. Although there was no proof that Jack the Ripper has returned to the British capital, fear is building to such a high level that makes the investigation that more difficult to complete.

Reid and Drake are facing challenges in both their professional and personal lives, on top of the investigation at hand. It becomes clear to the team that there is a greater conspiracy at work in London than just the murders. Twists, plus a lot of turns abound in this program, making for thrilling suspense at every turn. Will Reid and Drake solve the mystery before it is too late? Not if the two detectives can help it, and if they can catch the suspects redhanded. The Internet will be a key search tool for finding extra information on this program, as well as viral videos to get in on the suspense.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC America
4 Seasons, 31 Episodes
January 19, 2013
Crime, Drama
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  • Just as it seems that Reid and Drake have found their working dynamic once more, they are forced to engage with a difficult murder case that threatens to open old wounds. A young man has been found murdered and the investigation takes our heroes to the Thames Ironworks and into the brutal world of Victorian football. When the case connects to a young worker named Thomas Gower, a man who was saved from the hangman's noose many years ago by Drake, fissures begin to emerge between Drake's and Reid's instincts. Jackson, meanwhile, is coming under increasing pressure from Long Susan over their son.

  • One month has passed since Inspector Reid returned to H Division. Drake and Reid are once more in harmony but it's now Jackson's turn to feel the pressure as a murder has links to a man who aided Long Susan's escape from Newgate. Can Jackson help Reid and Drake solve the case without the truth about Susan emerging? The fate of a young woman depends on it. Meanwhile, Susan works to carve a place for herself at the docks. She begins to reveal more of her dark past to hervillainous guardian, Abel Croker

  • Journalist Ralph Ackerman is abused and murdered following a meeting with Fred Best.

  • The investigation into the murder of a chemist reveals he was an abortionist; Dr. Frayn tells Susan to offer Dr. Rolle a job.

  • The dark and corrupt streets of Whitechapel are witnessing a new breed of tourist; one from the higher realms of society wanting salacious entertainment. Yet Lady Montacute's curiosity means she now stands before the men of Leman Street charged with the vicious stabbing of a local woman.

  • As a lost girl wanders the dangerous streets of the East End alone, Detective Inspector Drake must try to find his old friend Edmund Reid and bring those responsible to justice. While there are still questions to answer about the death of Horace Buckley, the team of H Division unites to locate the girl.

  • Chief Inspector Abberline asks Drake to take over the helm of H Division. But Drake is far from keen to preside over his friend's desk. The inexplicable death of a clairvoyant takes our team into a world of devious charlatans capitalizing on the grief of a sorrowful community.

  • A routine murder inquiry in a curiosity shop reveals a secret underground cell. The murder itself may have links to Long Susan's burgeoning property empire, but Reid is far more concerned as to the identity and whereabouts of that cell's prisoner, a young girl kept there for many years.

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