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Southern Nights brings ten stars from the popular dating show "Sweet Home Alabama" to a new real-world setting in Savannah, Georgia. They are there to make the best of Savannah's night life together, and enjoy everything the city has to offer. The ten cast members are moved into a historic mansion where they can live the luxurious lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Naturally, this living arrangement will bring more fun, drama, and suspense than ever imagined. Old friendships are rekindled, old alliances are stronger than ever, and some romantic relationships are even reignited. Unfortunately, the trust from past relationships will be damaged beyond repair. Conflicts emerge, and some enemies become stronger than before. Different kinds of people have different kinds of lifestyles that ensure many disputes and battles among the cast.

Within this eight episode series they will explore many of the South's stereotypical places. They will explore ranches and rodeos, attend tailgate parties, and also discover some of the best night clubs in the United States.

This show does contain some mature themes, but it makes up for it with typical southern values. In several scenes, even if there is drama occurring in the household, they sit down to pray over their meal together. There is also some cursing, but is is filtered out using the beep filtration system.

This reality show will sweep you off your feet and make you want more. There are several exciting cliffhangers and the plot thickens as the intensity of relationships and friendships grow. The ten stars from "Sweet Home Alabama" provide a dramatic show which is thrilling and suitable for many audiences.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
1 Season, 8 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 7, 2012
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Southern Nights Full Episode Guide

  • Romances inside the house reach new levels as the time in the house comes to a close. On the final night, Tara finds herself in a final confrontation with a past foe.

  • The group grows closer together when they stand up for one of the girls.

  • When the roommates decide to go on an ATV adventure, it quickly becomes a mud-wrestling contest. The house is conflicted with the fallout of the visit from Devin's boyfriend. The girls bond in a moment of emotional need and see each other as sisters.

  • One of the roommates needs assistance home after a rowdy night out. A love triangle forms in the house, complicating the situation between Devin and Collin. The roommates anticipate Devin's boyfriend's arrival.

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