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Series Length:1 Season, 21 Episodes

Brothers Sam and Dean go on the road together in search of their missing father and tracking down and getting rid of supernatural forces along the way in this animation spin-off of the popular series Supernatural.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
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  • This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #22. In a surprise ending, Jake stabs Sam and kills him. Devastated by grief, Dean makes a deal with the crossroad demon to bring Sam back; as a trade-off, Dean gets one more year to live, after that -- his soul is toast. Sam is resurrected but more crap is on the horizon. The yellow-eyed-demon is trying to get Jake open the Hell's Gate. There is only one way out now.... And the boys need their father's help...

  • This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #21. Demonic omens are becoming more and more frequent. Sam wakes up to find himself in a ghost town with other psychics: Lily, Jake, Andy, Eva. They soon realize that they are similar; they all have powers. They all vow to help each other stay alive, but someone is killing them one by one. Sam finds out that Eva has been here for a while, and she's been killing all other psychics' kids. Sam persuades Jake to fight together against the yellow-eyed-demon, but he's conflicted, the yellow-eyed-demon told him he'd make sure Jake's family was happy if he joined him. If he's not on board, his family will all suffer and die. Sam and Jake fight and Sam almost wins, but doesn't finish him off...

  • This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #20. Dean wakes up one day in a totally different world. His mother Mary is alive, he is married to a fine woman, and Sam is engaged to Jessica. Dean soon realizes he's been captured by a Djinn, who is slowly bleeding him dry. Dean is tempted to stay in the way life should have been...

  • This is an anime-original episode. In Afghanistan, Jake, a foot soldier was always being made fun of. However, when the troops faced destruction, he exercised his superpower to help his fellow soldiers and evacuated them from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Sam sees another premonition. He suspects that the yellow-eyed-demon plans to kill Jake's family and drag him into the dark side. A little later, Jake comes back to his home town from the battlefield. Jake is filled with fury and the yellow-eyed-demon seduces Jake to use his power... Will Jake have the strength to fight him?

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