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Teen Mom is a spin-off of MTV's popular series 16 and Pregnant. It follows the lives of four young mothers as they try to maintain normal teenage lives while facing the demands of motherhood. Each mother had a home life that was dramatic before a baby even entered the picture. Maci's tumultuous relationship with Ryan, her boyfriend at the time, is still a major source of stress. Out of all of the teen moms, Maci has arguably made the best transition into motherhood. This does not mean that she never engages in the petty actions of a normal teenage girl. Even though she has a new boyfriend, she cannot manage to remove herself from Ryan and his drama.

Farrah's boyfriend died before her daughter Sophia was born, so she is a single mother in addition to being a teenage one. Her mother Debra is manipulative and controlling. When Farrah announced that she was moving away to finish college, Debra attempted to persuade her to leave Sophia behind. Farrah does not always have the best attitude, which means that her accomplishments are often ignored. She has managed to complete her associate's degree while raising a baby on her own. In the past, Farrah's story lines have centered around her failed dating attempts. She has recently begun to go through the process of recovering from her boyfriend's death, and she intends to start dating again with a healthier mindset.

Catelynn's life took a different path. She and her fiance Tyler chose adoption for their daughter Carly, but they struggle daily with that decision. They still feel emotionally connected to the child that they are not raising. They both come from troubled homes; Catelynn's mother is an abusive drug addict, and Tyler's father is frequently incarcerated. Catelynn and Tyler realized they could not bring a baby into that environment. They have proven time and again that they made the right decision. They both finished high school earlier this year, and Tyler has begun attending college.

Amber is the most notorious young woman on this show. She was arrested for hitting her boyfriend Gary in front of their daughter two years ago and has been in trouble ever since. She was unable to stop using drugs and is now serving a five-year prison sentence.

Teen Mom is as captivating as it is frightening. This show proves that teen motherhood negatively impacts young women's lives.

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