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Teen Wolf is a television show that centers around an awkward teen by the name of Scott McCall. In this series, McCall is an outcast and socially challenged. He is bitten by a werewolf one night while in the woods. Throughout the episodes, Scott is trying to cope with being a werewolf and all of the trials and tribulations of teen life at the same time. Scott keeps his dark secret from everyone around him except for two people. He confides in his friend Stiles who is there to help him cope with being a teen wolf. There is also another teen, Derek, that is afflicted in the same way that Scott has been.

Scott is a lacrosse player and is attending Beacon Hills High School. Every day, there are struggles that he needs to face to ensure that his identity is not discovered and that his family is kept safe. One of the twists of the story would be that Scott has to keep his secrets hidden from his love interest, Allison. Her family is one that actually hunts werewolves, so their love can never be realized.

Overall, there is constant struggle to balance life, family, school and dark secrets. Scott and his two close confidants are always working on this balance.

The show premiered in June of 2011 and is featured on the MTV network. It is currently in a second season. In addition to being viewed in the United States, Teen Wolf is shown in the UK, Ireland, Asia, Canada and other countries across the globe.

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Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
4 Seasons, 62 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Teen Wolf Full Episode Guide

  • Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia to protect the Pack from Kate.

  • Scott has to deal with an old foe.

  • Scott and Kira protect Satomi's pack from assassins. Stiles and Malia happen upon the origins of The Dead Pool.

  • During the lacrosse team's bonfire, Scott and Liam are targeted by an assassin..

Teen Wolf News

'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Check Out the First Promo!

The doctors will see you now. The first promo for the fifth season of "Teen Wolf" is here, and it previews the villains for the upcoming season...if only in bits and pieces. Along with the message about the doctors, the promo also features the voice of Dr. Deaton saying, "The rules have changed." The promo makes the show look more seated in the horror genre, which might actually be the case this season. Creator Jeff Davis said at Paleyfest that season five will have "a lot of action, a lot of horror.

This New 'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Trailer Features New Creepy Monsters

"Teen Wolf" is coming back soon! So here's a promo! It's a creepy one, too...the 30-second spot shows us at least a couple of new monsters, including a scary-looking guy with no mouth, meaning that the number of different types of supernatural creatures in the "Teen Wolf" world is increasing. Before you read on, or watch the promo, be warned that there are SPOILERS for the season three finale ahead! If you'll remember, we last left Scott (Tyler Posey) dealing with the death of his love interest Allison (Crystal Reed).

What's New Tonight: Monday, July 8th.

8:00 PM EST: “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC. Baltimore’s qualifying round. Features obstacles such as the Downhill Jump, the Prism Tilt, the Swing Jump, and the Circle Cross. “Switched at Birth” on ABCFAM. A what-if episode pondering what would have happened if Regina revealed the switch when she first learned about it. Both girls are raised by the Kennishes; Daphne has a cochlear implant and is spoiled rotten, and Bay is a top scholar who tends to overcompensate.

Teen Wolf - Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Battlefield

The lacrosse playing field becomes the arena of the ultimate showdown between the werewolves and Jackson the shape-shifting kanima in "Teen Wolf" season 2, episode 11: “Battlefield.” Gerard Argent, the head of the Argent werewolf hunter clan, is Jackson's new master. Argent wants to avenge his daughter's death by killing Derek and his werewolf pack. He orders Jackson to enter the lacrosse game, which puts Scott's friends in danger. This forces Scott and Stiles to return to the lacrosse team and play in the big game.

Yidio Video of the Day: Best Coast's 'Our Deal,' Directed by Drew Barrymore

You may or may not know the music of the indie-surf-poppy Best Coast, but you probably know some of the people involved with their latest music video for "Our Deal." The "supervideo" was directed by Drew Barrymore and features some pretty famous faces, including Chloe Moretz ("Kick-Ass"), Tyler Posey ("Teen Wolf") and Donald Glover ("Community"). The video is a bit Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story-ish, setting up a scenario in which two (very attractive, teenage) gangs rule Los Angeles: one by night, and one by day.

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