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"That 70s Show" is a sitcom centering around six teenage friends growing up in Point Place, Wisconsin. It aired on the Fox network from 1998 to 2006 and, as the name suggests, was a nostalgic look at the last part of the 1970s. The show was a big ratings-draw for the network.

The main characters are Eric (played by Topher Grace), Hyde (played by Danny Masterson), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilmer Felderama), Jackie (Mila Kunis), and Donna (Laura Prepon). The teens often hang out in the basement at Eric's house, where he lives with his parents and sister. The show mostly follows Eric's life. Throughout the series, Eric is in love with Donna--the girl next door--and many episodes center around the evolution of their feelings for each other.

Jackie is the rich girl at their school. She is first introduced to the friends due to her relationship with Kelso, the pretty boy of the group. Later in the series, she dates Hyde. Hyde is the rebellious, cynical teen. He comes from a dysfunctional broken home but later moves in with Eric's family and reconnects with his biological father. Fez is a foreign exchange student; one of the show's running gags is he never actually reveals his country of origin. He starts out as an awkward, shameless flirt but eventually turns into a real ladies' man--finishing out the series as Jackie's boyfriend.

Because the 1970s was a decade of great social and economic change in America, the show often touched on subjects and concerns indicative of the time period. Some subjects were fun--streaking, video games, Penthouse magazine, and the movie Star Wars. Other subjects were quite controversial and compelling--birth control, feminism, divorce, economic hardships, recreational drug use, and attitudes toward sex in the 70s.

While the subject matter stayed true to the decade, the series never lost sight of what the show was really about: a group of friends hanging out and growing into adulthood together. They faced the challenges any teenager faces; they fell in and out of love, argued with each other, made each other laugh, caused mayhem together, and learned who they were throughout it all. Any kid in any decade could relate; and that's why this show was a success.

8 Seasons, 200 Episodes - Canceled
August 23, 1998
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  • It's the end of an era and what better way to end That 70's Show then to bring in 1980. Everyone gathers at the Forman's for a New Year's Celebration that no one will ever forget.

  • A friend of Fez's visits and tries to bring him back home since he is so heartbroken over Jackie. Hyde's father has some bad news for him.

  • When Jackie declares her love to Fez and gets turned down, she makes his life miserable until Fez fights back in an all-out war. But when words are exchanged and Fez takes it too far, Jackie isn't the only one who gets hurt. Meanwhile, Bob decides to sell his house and move to Florida, which sparks some life-changing decisions for Donna.

  • Fez's lifestyle as a ladies' man tortures Jackie until he decides to settle down with one woman - crazy Caroline - which forces Jackie to confess her love for him. Will Fez reciprocate her feelings? Meanwhile, Hyde convinces Red to sell his heart medication.

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