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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, also known as the Indiana Jones Chronicles, centers on the youth of the well known Indiana Jones before his adulthood adventures. It was created and produced by George Lucas, the same creator associated with the Indiana Jones movies.

The question of the adult Indiana Jones's youth arose during the production of the films. Thus, the television series was developed using accurate dates, times, places and factual people Indy would meet during his adventures as a young man.

Examples include on safari with Teddy Roosevelt, World War 1 adventures and involvement with the famous spy Mata Hari and being cared for by Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Others among many he meets include Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Pancho Villa, Winston Churchill, Ho Chi Minh, Sigmund Freud, George Patton and Pablo Picasso, Leo Tolstoy, Charles de Gaulle and Ernest Hemingway.

The series was actually shot in many locations around the world.

3 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Canceled
March 4, 1992
Action & Adventure
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Full Episode Guide

  • Indiana Jones struggles to help film director Erich Von Stroheim finish his latest film with limited time and budget.

  • New York, June 1920. Twenty year old Indiana Jones is working backstage at George White's Scandals in 1920.

  • May 1919. Indy is in Paris working as a translator during the peace conference following the end of the Great War. He meets up with T.E. Lawrence once more but finds his ideals have changed a lot since the start of the war.

  • Indy is on the trail of a 140-carat diamond that once belonged to Alexander the Great, using a map given to him by a dying soldier.

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