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Some games are so epic you just have to watch it again, or if you missed it the first time, this could be your chance to see it. If you like football, then you're going to love The Big Ten Network's "The Big Ten's Greatest Games: Football." You're invited to come be a part of football history with The Big Ten Network. This amazing show is packed full of enough college football action to keep any football fan satisfied. Each episode features a replay of a football game which stands out as one of the greatest games in Big Ten Conference history. The historic games they showcase might contain popular coaches, legendary football players, spectacular offensive performances, stunning defensive strategy, or all of the above.

Some fans like to re-live good memories, taking a second opportunity to enjoy a past victory. Some fans like to watch to see their current favorite players in college uniforms and developing the skills that make them so valuable to the team. Some people watch just to see a great football game. No matter what the reason they watch, fans love the show. Come give it a try and find out why you love to watch. You wouldn't want to miss a great game twice, would you? Even if you have already seen whichever game they're featuring, you never get tired of watching a really good game of football. These games are so great, we think you will want to watch them a third time!

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  • Unbeaten and second-ranked Ohio State won despite two long touchdown receptions by freshman wide receiver Anthony Carter from Michigan quarterback John Wangler. All-American Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter threw for 196 yards.

  • The teams combined for 968 yards total offense.

  • Purdue erased a 28-10 halftime deficit behind quarterback Drew Brees, who completed 32 of 44 attempts for 286 yards and a pair of touchdowns to shock sixth-ranked Michigan.

  • Indiana scored the game's final 22 points to defeat Wisconsin for a second straight year.

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