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Bronson Pinchot is one of Hollywood's most popular comedic actors, but he has another passion in Hartford, Pennsylvania. He buys up houses and buildings that are in need of restoration. In this DYI series, Pinchot shows off his many talents in restoring the building and houses to their once majestic glory.

Bronson Pinchot is on hands through the renovations of the properties. He shows a great talent as a renovator and contractor. He has a sharp eye for decorating and Pinchot is extremely picky when it comes to his projects. He is not a big fan of modern materials and tries to salvage and reuse material from the era that the houses and buildings were first built. It's all about using original material.

Mikey is Pinchot's assistant and confidant. Mikey does a lot of the shopping for materials and frequents antique shops for period pieces and material. Often Pinchot and Mikey will disagree on what items should be bought. Pinchot is extremely picky and knows what he wants and doesn't want. Mikey takes his boss's tantrums in stride and soon they find something they can both agree on.

C.J. is Pinchot's carpenter, and always seems to make things fit. He gets frustrated at times because there always seems to be something that he has to redo. Pinchot tries whenever possible to use original materials to restore the house or building, but sometimes has to make do with new material.

C.J. And Mikey always seem to know what the other is thinking and takes Pinchot's frustrations in stride. There are times when C.J. And Mikey clash over renovations, but after all the changes and rebuilding the finished project is restored to its original splendor.

Saturday 10:30 PM et/pt on DIY Network
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 11, 2012
Home & Garden, Reality
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The Bronson Pinchot Project Full Episode Guide

  • Bronson transforms his entryway into a functional 19th-century-inspired room.

  • Bronson restores a 19th-century cupola discovered in a friend's antique shop.

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