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The television series The Closer first aired during the summer of 2005 on the network TNT. It stars actress Kyra Sedgwick as the character of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. The first episode begins with Chief Johnson transferring to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
7 Seasons, 109 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • Brenda finds one of her investigations suffocated by the District Attorney's office. Meanwhile, Raydor and Popefinally target the leak in the department.

  • The murder of a priest puts the squad on a collision course with the Catholic Church and creates tension between Brenda and Chief Pope. Meanwhile, Brenda's parents are in town for her father's cancer treatments.

  • Brenda is shaken up when a likeable oncologist is brutally killed and his drug supply wiped clean. To complicate matters, Captain Raydor has a new assignment that leaves Brenda questioning her loyalty to Pope. And Gabriel makes a significant life change.

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High Times? Maybe not for Chief Pope on Season 6 Episode 12 of The Closer - Episode Recap

Anytime a new boss takes over, changes usually take place in the workplace and the Los Angeles Police Department is no exception. In Dec. 13's episode of The Closer titled 'High Crimes', Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson is offered a promotion to Assistant Chief of Operations by the new police chief. The problem is that job is currently held by her friend and former lover, Chief Will Pope. Adding to the drama is Brenda's husband wants her to take the job and he believes that Chief Pope still his feeling for her.

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