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The television show, The Fosters, depicts two moms and their kids, most of whom are foster children. This loving couple takes in kids who otherwise wouldn't have a home to go to, and makes them part of their family. One of the children is the biological son of one of the moms, from her previous marriage. Even though he is her biological child, however, he is still treated just as well as the other foster children are.

The Fosters is produced by Nuyorican Productions, which is the production company of famous actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez. It airs on ABC Family, with the first season started in June of 2013. The moms of the family are played by Sherri Saum, who plays Lena, and Teri Polo, who plays Stef. Lena is the principal of a school, and it is normally her who ends up finding kids to take in. Stef is a police officer, who works with her ex-husband, Mike. He is the father of their son, Brandon, who is the only biological child in the household.

Jesus and Mariana, played by Jake T. Austin and Cierra Ramirez, are two twins that Stef and Lena adopted. They may have a family there, but still sometimes contemplate what it would be like to be back with their biological mother. It is only these three in the house, until Lena agrees to take in Callie, played by Maia Mitchell. She is fresh out of juvenile detention, and has a bad rap, but Lena still decides to give her a chance. She later takes in Callie's brother, Jude, who was left in an abusive foster home.

At first, it is uncertain how well the new family members will get along, and whether the moms really have the room to take in so many kids. They quickly grow on each other, however, and find out just how easy it is to come together as a family.

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  • Callie is shocked to discover Judge is spending time with Jack, a strange kid they met at a foster youth activity. Brandon and Mat determine to write a Romeo and Juliet rock musical for their senior thesis project, but they can't agree on who should play Juliet. Also, Jesus questions Ana concerning the identity of his and Mariana's birth father.

  • Brandon is disturbed when he finds out that his shared secret with Callie is in peril. Lena and Stef's mom, Sharon, has a different opinion on how Stef should handle her diagnosis. Also, Mariana's campaign for junior class president intensifies as the hatred between her and Lexi comes to a head.

  • An investor is intrigued by Callie's website; Brandon is contacted by a recruiter from Juilliard; Mariana starts her campaign for class president; and Mike finds out AJ is keeping a secret. Also, Sharon introduces her family to a liberal-minded pal.

  • Despite tension between Stef and Lena, they host an anniversary party honoring Lena's parents. Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon try to figure out a way to tell their mothers about their relationship.

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