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Although the show seemed to have come from out of nowhere, FOX's hit musical program, Glee, has quickly become one of television's most popular programs. The show has reached such amazing levels of popularity that it has even produced its own spin-off reality program known as The Glee Project. Glee tells the stories of the students and teachers at a school in which it is not unusual for people to break into song spontaneously. However, since the show depicts events at a high school, new faces need to be brought in with each passing season so that the program is somewhat believable. This is where The Glee Project comes in.

Airing on the Oxygen network, The Glee Project is a reality show that acts as an audition process for the upcoming season of Glee. Contestants must compete against each other while showing off their singing, dancing and acting skills to judges including the casting director for Glee, as well as the show's creator, Ryan Murphy. Winners of the contest are chosen to be featured in seven episodes of the upcoming season of Glee. The Glee Project even allows for multiple winners, with the second-place victor receiving a two-episode story arc on the parent show. If the winners perform well on Glee, they can even be brought back to appear on the show for episodes beyond the initial seven.

Each episode of The Glee Project features a theme for the week. Some of the themes have included individuality, believability and tenacity. Each episode features performances by the contestants, but one contestant must be eliminated each week, making the performances particularly crucial. A typical episode begins with a homework assignment that usually involves learning dance moves and choreography for a certain piece of music. Then, the contestants must participate in a music video for the song in question. This is usually followed by judging, callbacks, a last chance recital and, finally, elimination.

Reality shows that involve musical competitions are incredibly popular these days, and many of the shows seem similar. The Glee Project is different because it involves the chance for the winners to appear on one of the hottest prime-time shows on television. Young people love the program because it gives them an inside glimpse into the world of Glee, plus it inspires them to attempt to achieve their aspirations, musical or not. Though the elimination aspect of The Glee Project is sad because of the amazing talent on the program, the joy experienced by the Project's eventual winner is something that all audience members can feel.

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The Glee Project Full Episode Guide

  • The winner is announced on the second season finale. Guest appearance by Chris Colfer.

  • Dianna Agron motivates the group while guest judging Actability week; emotions run deep.

  • The contenders are tested on their passion and romanticism in a challenge that includes a rendering of the Rihanna song "We Found Love." Darren Criss ("Glee") makes an appearance.

  • The remaining safe contenders talk about the bottom three and hope they get songs they like.

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'The Glee Project' Announces Season 2 Winner

"The Glee Project" has completed its second season, and a winner has been crowned. It's just one, this time, too: unlike last season where four different finalists from the reality show earned appearances on "Glee," this season the honor belongs to only one winner. That winner is Blake Jenner, the mop-haired young man who beat out fellow finalists Aylin Baramuglu and Ali Stroker for the top prize: a seven-episode arc on the upcoming season of "Glee." Like with past finalists Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty, Blake will most likely end up joining the show mid-season, as shooting has already begun for the first few episodes of "Glee" season four.

'The Glee Project' Preview: Kevin McHale Throws A Curve....

So, it's "adaptability" we're discussing this week on Oxygen's "The Glee Project," hm? If that's so, then Kevin McHale is the "Glee" equivalent to a European wall outlet, he adapts so deftly. The former song-and-dance man of defunct boy-band NLT now maneuvers a wheelchair so deftly as smooth but vulnerable handicapped show choir member Artie, a new viewer would never suppose that McHale himself isn't handicapped at all. That said, it's so very fitting that he mentor the remaining cast of "Glee" hopefuls in the art of changing up a performance.

'Glee' Students Become Teachers On Next 'The Glee Project' Season

The students of "Glee" have learned enough to teach. That's what E! Online is reporting, in unveiling details from the second season of Ryan Murphy's "The Glee Project" on Oxygen. As before, the hopeful that best runs Murphy's gauntlet gets a guaranteed casting on the upcoming season of FOX's "Glee," the first to follow the fictitious graduation of several main characters from McKinley High School and New Directions. Speaking of, recent "grad" Cory Monteith will be joined by Naya Rivera and first-season winner Samuel Larsen as mentors during the season.

Shut the Front Door: Watch The Wacky Finale to 'The Glee Project'

Last night's grand finale of "The Glee Project" was a certifiably wacky one. Finalists Damian McGinty, Samuel Larson, Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newel faced final judgement and an ultimate decision about the next stage of their careers from "Glee" producer Ryan Murphy. When it came down to it, Murphy pulled an unheard-of shut-the-front-door judging maneuver that had fans shocked and amazed (and pretty happy to boot). Warning, we're very obviously coming to the point of spoilers here, so if you want to hear the news from your DVR, be our guest.

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