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A particularly edgy foray by Adult Swim into its well-tread sub-genre of deliberately schlocky comedy, The Heart, She Holler is a show that attempts to infuse its lowbrow gags with an understated edge of Southern gothic horror. While it retains the stark, low budget presentation of other Adult Swim entries, The Heart, She Holler also takes every opportunity to inject monstrosities of both human and superhuman origin into the tangled mass of its small town political plot.

At the very 'heart' of The Heart, She Holler is its focus on degenerative human relationships, embroiling the main characters in adultery, rape, blackmail, attempted suicide and other foul play at every turn. The frequent inclusion of supernatural elements, such as the psychic abilities of the religious Hambrosia, along with the apparent immortality of the nigh-skeletal matriarch Meemaw, frequently provide visually striking climaxes for what is, nonetheless, quintessentially a story about the petty - but no less horrific - evils of the simple human heart.

Ultimately, however, The Heart, She Holler still is an Adult Swim show. As such, it bears all the crudity, toilet humor and vulgarity that one would expect from such a program - for better or worse.

Saturday at 12:00AM ET/PT on Adult Swim
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Canceled
November 7, 2011
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  • The Comening the Comening theComening theComeningtheComening theComeningtheComeningtheComening, etc.

  • While it is busy having fun, victory is eaten by time flies.

  • The only true fact left in the whole world turns out to be a police sting to catch sexual predators and lock them up behind pearly gates.

  • The tail catches its snake.

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