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The League is an American comedy television show about male friends and their obsession with NFL Fantasy Football. This group of old college friends, now middle-aged with jobs, families, and adult problems compete in a Fantasy Football League. Airing in 2009 on FX, this show is currently in season four. The characters engage in sarcastic, hilarious dialogue about women, football, drinking, and life mostly while having drinks at their favorite Chicago bar. Most of the time, they mock each other mercilessly and love to hate each other. The League is both scripted and improvised by the team of actors and comedians making this a uniquely crafted show.

Nick Kroll plays Ruxin, who is a sarcastic, Jewish attorney who believes he is the cleverest of the group and will go to great lengths to outplay his friends in fantasy football.

Paul Scheer play Dr. Andre Nowzick who is a bald, successful plastic surgeon, is the butt of all jokes and is tirelessly mocked by the group regardless of his wealth and medical degree. His attempts to wear trendy clothes and add hip-hop slang to his vocabulary makes him an easy target.

Mark Duplass plays Pete Eckhart who is a cubicle worker and underachiever, who is newly separated from his wife. He has been the Fantasy League Champion for three straight years and spends most of his time fighting adulthood, duping his friends into making bad fantasy trades, and meeting women.

Stephen Rannazzisi plays Kevin MacArthur who is an assistant district attorney married to Jenny, played by Katie Aselton. Kevin is unable to play Fantasy Football without help, so he relies on his wife Jenny to make draft and trading decisions. Jenny is the cool wife who can compete with the boys.

Jon Lajoie plays Taco MacArthur, Kevin's younger brother who is a sensitive, part-time musician, and stoner who knows little about NFL football. He frequently and easily attracts women, lives off of his brother's money, and gets into ridiculous situations due to his kindness and sensitive personality.

The League is a modern, light-hearted take on male camaraderie above family, marital, and life problems. This show is designed to make viewers laugh through absurd situations and interactions with old friends. Not only do modern men use Fantasy Football as a source of fun competition, it is also an escape from real life problems and a means to not take life so seriously.

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Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on FX
6 Seasons, 71 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • The Shiva Bowl determines who will win Ted’s Laguna Beach house. Ruxin tries to impress super-agent Tom Condon. Jenny has a hard time parting with The Shiva.

  • Russell and Andre square off in fantasy football and as partners in their new wine bar. The situation becomes even more strained when Trixie Von Stein returns.

  • Pete attempts to keep a commonality he has with Andre under wraps. Meanwhile, Ruxin disapproves of his coworker's hygiene habits.

  • Chu teaches Jenny to cook. Andre adds glasses to his style. Elsewhere Pete dates a woman who suffers from epilepsy.

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