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When the crime is too difficult to solve, there's just one person to turn to. Teenage super sleuth Shelby Woo. With help from Grandpa Woo and her friends Noah, Cindy, Angie and Vince, Shelby must try to find clues to track down the perpetrators, all the while staying one step ahead of her rival Christie.

2 Seasons, 12 Episodes - Canceled
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The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo Full Episode Guide

  • A outbreak of vandalism in Cocoa Beach leads Detective Hineline to suspect Cindi's cousin, Kieth, of the crimes. Shelby is caught between alliance to Keith as her friend and the fact that all the evidence points to him.

  • A string of arson fires covers up the disappearance of some endangered animals. If Shelby can relieve herself of her duties as "Pearl the Safety Squirrel" long enough to solve the mystery of the fires, she may be able to convince Hineline she's ready for to be a real investigator.

  • An unusual key, which Mike has kept in a secret box, is stolen from the B&B putting Mike Woo back on the case of a theft he had investigated in San Francisco 4 years ago. Mike and Shelby head to San Francisco and find that they learn about each other and their own individual ways of investigating a crime.

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