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Time team is an innovative British Television program centered on the activities of groups of archaeologists who carry out series of digging activities, and their procedures and purposes of digging are explained by the presenter in very simple terms using non scientific language for the understanding of all.

Each episode of the program features a new set of experts involved in the digging process. Though they varied in every episode, it was ensured that the members of every team had great expertise in archaeology. The activities of each episode commenced by the assembling of the archaeologists, then people from the public who came to observe and they were responsible for suggesting sites to be dug.

These places could either be their private property or other places they knew of with historical importance, which could possibly be of interest to the archaeologists. The purpose of every excavation activity is always explained at the start of the episode by the presenter who as the digging proceeds, explains every step so that viewers get a better understanding of all steps taken by the diggers, their decisions as well as all discoveries made by the archaeologists.

Time Team also comprises certain episodes such as live broadcasts as well as documentaries about the history of archaeology.

The idea behind the Time Team originated from a series which was earlier developed but failed and the concept behind it was reorganized to develop the Time Team.

The show was created by Tim Taylor, a renowned television producer and presentation was done by Tony Robinson and the concept was taken by Channel 4 where it first aired. The show was co-produced by Channel 4, Video Text Communications Ltd and Picture house Television. A similar program produced and aired in America; known as Time Team America was co-produced by Videotext and Oregon Public Broadcasting and is shown on PBS.

The entire Time Team show is available on DVD and every episode runs for 60 minutes including advertisements.

Channel 4
18 Seasons, 199 Episodes - Canceled
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Time Team Full Episode Guide

  • Tony takes a look back at the best bits from two decades and over 250 episodes.

  • Tony Robinson celebrates the more than 150 practical experiments and re-creations that he and the Team have conducted over 20 years in order to unlock the mysteries exposed by their digs.Rebuilding - and even reliving - the past is a controversial area of archaeology. But it's one that Time Team has long championed, and one that has yielded some amazing results.This programme revisits some of the programme's greatest hits, from recreating individual objects such as Stone Age axes, Roman pewter bowls, medieval pottery and a Stone Age sword that throws new light on the myth of King Arthur's Excalibur, to building an entire Iron Age house and a Roman machine that lifted water from a deep well.The programme also revisits some of Time Team's forays into living history, from finding out what it felt like to be in Dad's Army to surviving 24 hours as a Victorian prisoner, in an attempt to see the past through our ancestors' eyes.Plus how a huge and - at times - contentious experiment for the programme finally solved the riddle of Seahenge.

  • When the Barlowsbought Upton Castle in Pembrokeshire they weren't sure if it was a Victorian folly or an Anglo-Norman castle. Time Team try to discover if it was one of the Anglo-Norman castles built to defend 'Little England beyond Wales' from the locals.

  • For 100 years schoolboys have been playing a few feet above the remains of the most opulent palace in Britain.The Manor of More was masterminded by Henry VIII's right-hand man, the all-powerful religious leader and statesman Cardinal Wolsey, who was also responsible for Hampton Court Palace. Tudor visitors remarked that it was grander than Hampton Court.But the palace went missing until the 1950s, when a group of pupils at Northwood School in Hertfordshire discovered its remains beneath their school playing field.Now one of those schoolboys - Martin Biddle, who is now one of the country's most distinguished archaeologists - joins Tony and the Team as they try to piece together the complete picture of this huge palace.In its heyday, the Manor of More would have been an opulent playground fit for royalty and state visitors. Like Hampton Court, it was built as a place in which to entertain. Thomas More and Catherine of Aragon would have known it intimately.But working out the layout of the palace is as tough a challenge as the Team have had for a long while.There should be a huge front courtyard, but where is it? There should be a long gallery running off the back range, somewhere under the school's tennis courts. But it's equally elusive.But finally enough pieces of this challenging Tudor jigsaw fall into place for the Team to visualise the splendour that once stood here, with its towered gatehouse rising majestically out of a wide moat.

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