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Time team is an innovative British Television program centered on the activities of groups of archaeologists who carry out series of digging activities, and their procedures and purposes of digging are explained by the presenter in very simple terms using non scientific language for the understanding of all.

Each episode of the program features a new set of experts involved in the digging process. Though they varied in every episode, it was ensured that the members of every team had great expertise in archaeology. The activities of each episode commenced by the assembling of the archaeologists, then people from the public who came to observe and they were responsible for suggesting sites to be dug.

These places could either be their private property or other places they knew of with historical importance, which could possibly be of interest to the archaeologists. The purpose of every excavation activity is always explained at the start of the episode by the presenter who as the digging proceeds, explains every step so that viewers get a better understanding of all steps taken by the diggers, their decisions as well as all discoveries made by the archaeologists.

Time Team also comprises certain episodes such as live broadcasts as well as documentaries about the history of archaeology.

The idea behind the Time Team originated from a series which was earlier developed but failed and the concept behind it was reorganized to develop the Time Team.

The show was created by Tim Taylor, a renowned television producer and presentation was done by Tony Robinson and the concept was taken by Channel 4 where it first aired. The show was co-produced by Channel 4, Video Text Communications Ltd and Picture house Television. A similar program produced and aired in America; known as Time Team America was co-produced by Videotext and Oregon Public Broadcasting and is shown on PBS.

The entire Time Team show is available on DVD and every episode runs for 60 minutes including advertisements.

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Channel 4
16 Seasons, 173 Episodes
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  • When Stephen and Stephanie Fry bought a few acres of prime Somerset pasture to graze their horses, they inadvertently also bought the remains of Buck Mill, an 18th-century water mill.

  • The Team descend on the historic Llancaich manor house to investigate an archaeologist's dream. An ancient moat has been discovered in the next field and no one knows what it once…

  • The Team visit Jersey to investigate the origins of Mont Orgueil Castle: a fortress that came to symbolise the Channel Islands' bond with Britain.

  • Groby Old Hall in Leicestershire was once home to the legendary White Queen: Elizabeth, the wife of Edward IV. The Team are here to help the new owners, who have saved the house from…

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