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"When Calls the Heart" is a television movie series that portrays life in the 19th century Canadian West. The protagonist Elizabeth Thatcher is a young teacher who is not in the least experienced in rural life and very much so in high society. Thatcher is a school teacher, and she gets her first teaching job in Coal Valley. Coal Valley is a simple, small town in the Canadian West.

The series also focuses on the lives of newly widowed wives of coal miners. In particular, Abigail Stanton is a wife and mother, but her husband has just been killed in a coal mining explosion. Unfortunately, she and the other wives find that they too must work in the coal mines, if they want to survive. Their faith is tested, and they must work extremely hard to provide for themselves and their children.

Life is pleasant for Elizabeth Thatcher with the exception of a few challenges. Elizabeth Thatcher befriends almost everyone in town with the exception of Constable Jack Thorton. Jack believes that Elizabeth's father has ruined his career by assigning him as constable of the town in order to keep his daughter safe. Elizabeth wishes to succeed as a school teacher, but she must also learn to survive frontier life in Coal Valley.

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Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on Hallmark
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes - New Series
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When Calls the Heart Full Episode Guide

  • After sharing their first kiss, Elizabeth and Jack become closer. Abigail questions Bill after making a shocking discovery.

  • In the first-season finale, Abigail decides to move on and fantasizes about a future with Bill. Meanwhile, a confused Jack learns about Elizabeth's job offer back home and inquires about her plans; and a visiting circuit judge intends to bring justice to town.

  • Jack is back in Coal Valley along with an unexpected visitor that threatens he and Elizabeth's relationship; Elizabeth receives some unforeseen news that will force her to make a very difficult decision.

  • Elizabeth nurses a broken heart, but masks her pain from her students. Meanwhile, Abigail gains access to Gowen's office and takes an important file pertaining to the mine explosion.

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