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Why It Crackles is a movie review program from the Crackle network. Each episode is short (about four minutes) and focuses on one movie that will open that weekend. The format is a combination of trailer, short interviews from the actors and directors, and information/trivia.

Why It Crackles is for those who want more than a trailer but less than a review. In fact, it is more an augmented trailer than a traditional review program. There are no hosts or voice-over or thumbs up or down. All episodes are positive about the movie in question. It is primarily about action and comedy films for a younger audience.

A recent episode spotlighted "A Good Day to Die Hard", the fifth entry in the Die Hard series. It starts out with an action scene of Bruce Willis driving a truck off a bridge, then a scene of the villain gloating, a funny scene, and finally some explosions. Bruce Willis makes a few comments about the film and his character, John McClain. They show some information about the Die Hard series and then more clips. The co-stars talk a bit, there is some trivia, and then explosions and crashes to Beethoven's ninth in a Die Hard tradition. At the end, bullet points of why it crackles appear -- a mini review.

Crackle, owned by Sony, is a digital network that streams video in the Flash format. Crackle, like many networks, is striving to produce original content and Why IT Crackles is one of their offerings.

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  • Hang out on the set with Dan Patrick (Entourage, The Dan Patrick Show) in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the game show that sports fans didn’t even know they were waiting for. It’s America’s Favorite Quiz Show®, only with sports

  • Series stars Emmanuelle Chriqui, Emily Osment and David Arquette discuss their roles on and the shooting of Cleaners Season 2.

  • Jesse Bradford, Summer Glau, Bruce Davison and Patrick Warburton discuss their roles and the shooting of Sequestered

  • Keri Russell, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis and Matt Reeves discuss making the Planet Of The Apes sequel.

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