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The American comedy TV series Wilfred stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, a depressed young man who is struggling to move along in the world. Ryan is a washed up lawyer that has no promising direction for his life. Down in the dumps and out of luck, Ryan plans to end it all until he is interrupted by his neighbors dog Wilfred (played by Jason Gann) who teaches Ryan that he can live his life differently.

Jenna (played by Fiona Gubelmann) is Ryan's next door neighbor. Jenna comes to Ryan and asks him if he would be willing to watch her dog Wilfred for the day. After agreeing to help out his neighbor, Ryan allows Wilfred the dog into his home. Ryan is surprised to discover that while ever one else sees Wilfred as a cute house pet, he for some reason sees him as a full grown Australian man dressed in a dog suit.

Ryan seems to realize in his mind that being able to understand Wilfred may be a sign that he wasn't meant to take his own life. Soon after entering Ryan's home, Wilfred makes it clear that he believes that he's the best thing that could ever happen to Ryan. Wilfred begins to teach him that he needs to start living life on his own terms. A unique friendship develops as Ryan takes advice from the human like dog. Wilfred convinces Ryan to commit various crimes such as steeling, destroying property and breaking and entering. As Ryan slowly begins to gain confidence in himself, his dependency on Wilfred's approval grows as well. Wilfred is the only person that Ryan can count on to make him feel better about his life.

4 Seasons, 63 Episodes - Ended
June 23, 2011
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Wilfred Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Ryan finally gets to the bottom of things about Wilfred.

  • Ryan's hope fades when he's met by a series of challenges.

  • Wilfred tries to persuade Ryan to keep sensitive information from Jenna.

  • Ryan tries to help his mother adjust to her new life while Wilfred faces a new enemy.

Wilfred News

FX Comedies on the Rise: 'Louie' Premieres Strong, 'Wilfred' Sets Record

Just as AMC is becoming the place to go on cable for dramas ("Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," "The Killing"), so is FX becoming the place to go for comedy. The network's own "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has become a certified cable hit, and new animated series "Archer" has completed two seasons and is up for yet another. Two of the network's newer comedies, "Louie" and "Wilfred," premiered Thursday night.

FX Announces Summer Premieres, Including 'Rescue Me,' 'Louie' and Elijah Wood's 'Wilfred'

It's getting close to summer time, which means great weather, lots of sun, and day trips to the beach...for those of us who aren't indoors watching all the great summer TV series, that is. FX has announced the premiere dates for three of its original summer series: "Rescue Me," "Louie," and the brand-new "Wilfred." "Wilfred" stars Elijah Wood in what will be the actor's TV debut.

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