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The Nickelodeon teenage sitcom Zoey 101, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, revolves around the school life and adventures of 13-year old Zoey Brooks and her friends as she attends the formerly all-boys boarding school Pacific Coast Academy (PCA) located in Western California.

Zoey and her younger brother Dustin have just started the new school year at Pacific Coast Academy. While Dustin has already attended PCA in the past, it is Zoey's first year attending the recently turned co-ed boarding school. As she starts her new life at PCA, she faces a variety of situations as she adjusts into her new school life as well as encountering challenging situations that arise in a school originally intended for boys only. Zoey is a strong-willed, independent girl who strives for equality as she is one of the first girls to attend PCA. She faces many difficulties as the number of male students outnumbers the female students. Many of the male students are still against the admission of female.

While PCA can occasionally overflow with drama, fun and exciting adventures can be found as well as many wonderful and unique people. Along her journey, Zoey has many of these exciting adventures with her new found friends. Zoey first meets a dorky boy named Chase Matthews, who instantly develops a crush on her. Zoey also meets her new roommates, polar opposites Dana Cruz and Nichole Bristow who constantly argue with one another and can't seem to get along even for a few minutes. Zoey goes onto to make many other friends including the humorous Michael Barret, the highly intelligent Quinn Pensky, and the spoiled and arrogant Logan Reese.

Throughout her stay at PCA, Zoey learns many valuable life lessons but most of all she just has good times with her friends.

Zoey 101 is a show with a positive message suitable for children 8 years and up. It is filled with many hilarious and entertaining moments.

4 Seasons, 58 Episodes - Canceled
January 9, 2005
Comedy, Children
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Zoey 101 Full Episode Guide

  • Zoey's Physics teacher decides to take the class on a field trip to go on a rollercoaster, and all the students are ecstatic, except for Michael. He's got a big problem, but will the gang be able to help him out, and will Lisa stand by his side?

  • After Dean Rivers's wife is run over by a coffee cart, the Dean calls for a ban on all coffee carts from PCA. Now, it's the girls versus the boys, as each side searches for a way around the ban, while sabotaging the competition.

  • Zoey and James are finding it difficult to get some time alone. Zoey wants to go on a date with just James and none of their friends. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn are tired of all of the sneaking around, and they plan a romantic dinner. Both couples, however, find their plans backfiring in unexpected ways as their night gets a little too? crowded.

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