Body of Evidence

"An act of love, or an act of murder?"

Rebecca Carlson is an attractive woman who forms a relationship with a famed millionaire. When the man is found dead in mysterious circumstances and Rebecca inherits a vast majority of his fortune, suspicion falls squarely on her shoulders. Frank Delaney is the defense lawyer hired by Rebecca. Frank is a married man with a good wife and family. Still, Rebecca's seductive charms are too difficult for Frank to resist, and soon begins having an affair with her. With Frank's judgment clouded, Rebecca tells him that she is innocent and was not aware of previous lover's heart problem.

The district attorney assigned to Rebecca's case believe she is lying about her knowledge of the millionaire's health problems and deliberately plotted to kill him. However, Rebecca manages to get released on bail prior to her trial. Frank starts to keep secrets from his wife as he sleeps with Rebecca, thus spinning a web of lies that has potentially dangerous consequences for all those involved.

| 1993 | 1 hr 39 min | 4.3/10
Body of Evidence

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