Ice Castles

"The story of a girl who refused to forget she was once a champion."
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This romantic drama is about a young girl named Alexis. She is a figure skater from a small rural town. Lynn-Holly Johnson plays Alexis and Robby Benson plays Nick, her ice-hockey playing boyfriend. Alexis is coached by a friend of the family who was a former skater. She enters the regional competition against her father's wishes. Alexis catches the eye of a coach (Jennifer Warren), who sees a champion. Alexis moves away from home, again against her father's will, to train. Relocated to Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado, Alexis is not treated well by the other skaters. They are jealous of the attention she gets from her natural abilities. Lexie becomes a star as she qualifies to the next level. She becomes distant from Nick, and starts to date another, older man.

Lexie is at a party and leaves because she is not comfortable with the people there. Nearby is a skating rink, and Lexie dons skates and begins to skate in view of all at the party. She does a remarkable jump, but lands near some table and chairs on the ice. The slow motion scene shows Lexie hitting her head and all goes black.

Lexie awakens to the nightmare of blindness. Due to a blood clot in her brain the injury is permanent. She is returned to her home to a life of misery. Nick, her father, and Beulah, her first coach, push Lexie to return to the ice, despite her blindness.

With a lot of practice and the help of Nick, Lexie realizes the possibility of competing again. She skates flawlessly in a competition, and no one knows she is blind. That is until flowers are thrown on the ice. When she falls over the roses, Nick must walk out on the ice to help her up. The crowd is hushed as they realize she was blind and still performed perfectly.

The romantic drama has a running time of one hour and forty-eight minutes. It is rated PG, and suitable for all audiences.

| 1978 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.6/10 | 51/100
Robby Benson, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Colleen Dewhurst, Tom Skerritt
Donald Wrye
Produced By
John Kemeny
Ice Castles
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