The List of Adrian Messenger

"The most bizarre murder mystery ever conceived!"
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This is a mystery movie about a list of names. Most of the people on the list have died in accidents. Messenger is a retired British agent. He meets with a friend, Gethryn, and requests information about the people on his list. He is called to Canada and his plane explodes on the way. Gethryn looks closer at the list he was given. His friend never told him what it was about, and now that he has had a chance to gather some information, he realizes most of the people have been killed in accidents.

It is a suspicious batch of coincidental accidents and he enlists a friend from the French Resistance to solve the mystery.

Not Rated
| 1963 | | 6.9/10
Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum
John Huston
The List of Adrian Messenger
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