101 Challenges

Lindsay and Lee Vine travel across Asia in this reality series. Their year-long adventure is not just for sight seeing. They are under the direction of their viewers as they accept challenges sent in on their website. They must complete 101 within the year. It is a fun and entertaining look into another culture through the experiences of two bickering brothers.

Channel 4
1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 20, 2008
101 Challenges

101 Challenges Full Episode Guide

  • The boys are in India for the final leg of their trip: fire walking, snake charming, camel riding, acting in a Bollywood movie and more.

  • The boys find themselves in various life threatening situations in China.

  • The boys visit Taiwan and Japan, where they venture down 'Snake Alley' and to try to choke down snake blood and bile

  • The lads continue their trip in Malaysia where they climb Mount Kinabalu dressed as orang-utans, and get their skates on.

  • he boys are in Thailand, where they take each other on in a bout of Thai boxing and feel the crunch when they eat some tasty creepy crawlies.

  • Series following two brothers, Lindsay and Lee, as they embark on a journey of a lifetime travelling around Asia for a year

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