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24 Hour Restaurant Battle is a reality television show. It features two groups of people who are opening a restaurant. They have just 24 hours in order to get their restaurant together and open for business. Opening a restaurant is a difficult task. Doing it in just one full day is monumental. The teams in this show are a chef or cook for the back end of the restaurant and a front of the house person who designs and runs the dining room.

The two teams compete to get their restaurants ready to open and serve people.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on Food Network
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
July 4, 2010
Cast: Scott Conant, Liza Binkley
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24 Hour Restaurant Battle Full Episode Guide

  • Dana Chaney and Nikki Heaps-Martin combine their West Hollywood, Calif. sparkle to the kitchen as they set aside their differences and work as friends to create their globally-inspired seafood restaurant, The Famished Lamb. From Dallas, Texas, best friends Marcus Thompson and Fred Messick get serious with their edgy healthy comfort food restaurant, The Citizen.

  • College fraternity brothers John Sierp II and Jeffrey Waters battle with twin brothers from Santa Rosa, Calif.

  • Miami boys Andres and Brian's inventive orange ginger orbs and carbonated chocolate mousse compete with father/daughter team Michael and Geri's fresh Mediterranean "chop-chop" salad and honey glazed lamb lollipops.

  • In a battle of the grills, authentic fajitas go head-to-head with down home brisket.

  • Brothers-in-law, Rob and Tom, take on roller derby girls Ann Marie and Carrie's in a weinerschnitzel and currywurst vs. pork sliders and apple slaw battle.

  • Two teams attempt to make their dreams become a reality by creating the ultimate deli. Friends Eric and Donna serve up own version of the Reuben Sandwich in their homey restaurant while brother and sister team Zach and Sasha are straight up New York with their brash "Izzy's Deli" concept. Deli expert David Sax is a guest judge.

  • Sylvia and Sandra go head to head with Daniel and David. The sisters are all tradition as they serve up tried and true recipes from their Spanish grandmother. How will it fare against the brothers' innovative take on comfort food?

  • It's an Asian food battle between farmer's market veterans Anna and Stephanie and seasoned chef Maiki and front of house whiz Meghna. Anna and Stephanie serve up Thai street food staples while Maiki and Meghna, fuse their backgrounds into Vietnamese / Indian comfort food.

  • New Jersey diner boys Jonathan and Alexi battle longtime friends Hope and Natalie with their American favorites.

  • Theme : Bacon Chefs : Iron Chef Bobby Flay battles against chef Susur Lee, owner of two restaurants in Toronto

  • Two couples with failed business experience compete against each other.

  • A father/son team faces-off against two best friends.

  • Two couples face off with very different restaurants: Justin and J.J. cook-up a unique and super creative brunch restaurant serving sweet and savory jellies on a variety of waffles and pancakes while Zach and Lisa specialize in retro comfort food inspired by the 1950's.

  • Two teams of best friends battle it out with very different restaurants: a bustling Italian joint with a very ambitious menu, and a homey spot filled with very simple offerings.

  • Two teams with restaurant experience face off. The first decides to have a European bistro theme while the other team goes for a more American cuisine theme.

  • Two teams of best friends battle it out with very different restaurants.

  • It's an Italian cuisine battle.

  • Two separate teams have only 24 hours to plan and open their own restaurant.

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