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David has a new job but Annie remains frustrated with their living situation. Fernanda expresses her issues about life in Lumberton. Molly finally lets go of her life with Luis. Tarik pursues a pre-nuptial agreement.90 Day Fiance: What Now? is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 2019.

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4 Seasons, 18 Episodes
April 28, 2019
Drama, Romance
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90 Day Fiance: What Now? Full Episode Guide

  • Robert and Anny have been adjusting to their lives as newlyweds, but Anny makes a discovery that may throw their relationship into a tailspin.

  • After a long and stressful seven months apart, Rachel and Lucy are excited to visit Jon in England, but trouble at the airport threatens to interrupt their plans.

  • After a fresh start in Scottsdale, David and Annie invite their friends over to taste test Annie's cooking to promote their new business, while David decides it's time to try hair plugs.

  • Zied's K1 visa is finally approved, and Rebecca scrambles to prepare for his arrival; Rebecca and her daughter go house hunting so they can live together as a family, but Zied has a different future in mind.

  • Loren and Alexei are expecting; they prepare for the baby's arrival and head to the doctor for some answers about the baby's health.

  • Back home in the U.S., Corey prepares to return to Ecuador as long distance puts a strain on his relationship with Evelin; he questions Evelin's commitment to marriage and gives her an ultimatum about their future.

  • Loren and Alexei have an earlier than expected c-section; the baby is sent to the NICU; with their family unable to visit, the couple faces challenges on their own.

  • Robert & Anny worry about how Bryson will react to the new baby; Rebecca is worried about Zied's future in America; David is anxious about his hair transplant; Corey confronts Raul about Evelin; Rachel & Jon disagree about expanding their family.

  • Anny has life-changing news to share with Robert; Rachel & Jon reunite after 7 months apart; Corey & Evelin make a decision about their relationship; Annie is unsure about David's upcoming medical procedure; Tiffany & Ronald worry about their future.

  • Jesse's new relationship hits a roadblock; Tiffany and Ronald disagree on where to raise the kids; Evelin meets with Raul behind Corey's back; Laura risks losing everything unless she stands up to Aladin.

  • Jesse goes on his first blind date; Avery is nervous to meet Omar's family; Tiffany, Daniel and Carley head to South Africa to reunite with Ronald; Corey issues Evelin an ultimatum about their wedding; Laura and Aladin face off over their breakup.

  • Laura is back home and still confused about her separation from Aladin, Tiffany and Ronald plan a trip to South Africa so that Ronald can meet his daughter for the first time, Steven anxiously awaits Olga's arrival. Loren & Alexei have a gender reveal.

  • Jesse is back in the States and open to finding love again. Avery prepares to visit Omar after eight months apart. Loren and Alexei have a life-changing surprise. Steven can't wait to welcome Olga and Alex to the United States.

  • Jon prepares for a legal battle. Emotions run high on Larry and Jenny's wedding day. David reveals a big surprise to Annie. Alan and Kirlyam struggle to plan their future. Molly worries her brother, Jess, is making the same mistake she did.

  • Jon reveals what went wrong with his marriage to Fernanda. Tarik confronts his brother, Dean, for judging his relationship with Hazel. Rachel and Jon face the reality of their long distance marriage. Jenny has trouble adjusting to America.

  • Jon and Fernanda get into an explosive argument. Annie visits a lawyer without David. Loren and Alexei have a difficult conversation. Jenny faces Larry's son for the first time. Asuelu has to reveal big news to Kalani's dad.

  • Loren & Alexei butt heads over their priorities. Tarik approaches Hazel about signing a pre-nup. Danielle gets a makeover to get back onto the dating scene. Larry anxiously waits for Jenny to arrive in the States. Jon tries to make Fernanda happy.

  • David has a new job but Annie remains frustrated with their living situation. Fernanda expresses her issues about life in Lumberton. Molly finally lets go of her life with Luis. Tarik pursues a pre-nuptial agreement.